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I believe that it is healthy to change up, or rearrange your blog from time to time.  It brings good karma!  I love the rich colors of my new look and hope you will too.  Everything is still here just like before.  Check out the tab at the left of the title.  Thanks for joining me in my journey… Enjoy

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My Journey Into “Gentle Yoga”

  I recently read an article in “Prevention Magazine,” ( June 2014 edition, by Hillardi Dowdle) extolling the virtues of “Gentle Yoga.”  The article concentrated on Jillian Pransky, a New Jersey-based yogi.  What was completely amazing to me was the fact that scientific evidence now exists that 10 minutes a day of gentle yoga contributed to a significant weight loss

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15 Things to Eat in Bangkok Chinatown, Thailand

Originally posted on Always Travelicious !:
As always, Bangkok’s Chinatown is one of the best places to find good food.  Besides the uber affordable food, the most extraordinary part is you find gourmet ingredients such as bird’s nest and fish maw, prepped on a mobile cart by the roadside. Thanks to my bestie, Kat from SpoonSpatulaSaturday, we went on a gastronomic…

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