Silver Thoughts…

Random thoughts filter through the darkness of my mind

like flickers from an old fashioned black and white movie,

they sputter, flash and shimmer, and suddenly they are gone.

I have noticed that as I continue to age my thought processes have slowed down.  I still have great passionate thoughts, and still write with immense feeling, but all the while I know something has changed.  My thoughts seem to have cooled in their intensity.  The fiery ardor I had for everything in life when I was young; I now experience with a more practiced eye.  Instead of a raging fire out of control, there is now a manageable bonfire that burns within a prescribed burn.

I no longer act irrationally before I think.  I write lists and follow them, making changes along the way to expand my thoughts progression.  I think about everything.  I ponder life and wonder what more can I learn, experience, feel?  I want more of everything, material things not included.  Less is somehow the new “more” for me. I have discovered what I wanted most.  My gift is writing ~


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