Imperfect… I think not!

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The word “imperfect” contains all the letters to say to yourself:  “I’m perfect!”  So why do we all seem to judge ourselves so harshly?  I am especially hard on myself and have held myself back numerous times when I should have forged ahead and excelled.  Part of it is my personality.  I tend to hang back, check out what is going on, then venture into the fray.   Sooner or later I get my confidence up and off I go!  Then look out because there is no stopping me!

My friend asked me the other day why I was not dying my hair anymore.  I let my hair grow out and it is now gray with silver streaks in it.  I answered without even thinking… “Because this is who I am now, and I am comfortable with that.”  My friend just stared at me and said, “Wow, aren’t you afraid of looking old?”  I left the conversation as it was and walked away.  I like the way I look.  I look like me, so why am I letting her comment get to me?  I m p e r f e c t… thoughts again…  

NO I got this!  I’m perfect!



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16 thoughts on “Imperfect… I think not!”

  1. I don’t dye my hair, either. I like watching it try to decide what color it really wants to be! Medium brown mixed with red mixed with gray. Who needs dye when it’s interesting just the way it is?

  2. I too am letting my hair do its own thing, colour wise. I was complimented on it the other day. Someone thought I had dyed it the three, at the very least, colours it is. I said no, it’s all natural.
    Like you and the others here I want to age naturally and be me…warts and all. Yes, there’s some of those as well!
    Well done for being brave and helping to buck the trend.
    By the way, in response to your question about the Liebster Award, do it in your own time. I did, due to other commitments.
    Once again, you are very welcome and congratulations on a brilliant blog. x

    • Thank you again for your kindness. I love to write and to find out that it pleases people… that is fabulous. I will begin work today. I love that you too are “silver threading.” 😀

  3. I like your answer to her. THAT was perfect! Good for you! You are you, and why must we try to impress others. I just wrote a post about that very thing the other day.


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