Imperfect… I think not!

The word “imperfect” contains all the letters to say to yourself:  “I’m perfect!”  So why do we all seem to judge ourselves so harshly?  I am especially hard on myself and have held myself back numerous times when I should have forged ahead and excelled.  Part of it is my personality.  I tend to hang … Continue reading Imperfect… I think not!

No Mud–No Lotus

Have you ever wondered about the pain that you have endured in your life?  Why do some people suffer more than others?  Many people stumble blindly through their life without a glance at anyone else’s pain or sorrow.  They are self consumed and blinded with only their own pain.  Other people seem to feed off … Continue reading No Mud–No Lotus

The Infestation

I could not believe my eyes, however there they were – right in front of me!  Fall webworms have invaded my River Birch trees in my front yard.  Have you ever seen these grayish cobwebby looking webs surrounding the branches of your trees? These are a nasty bunch of bugs.  They start out as an … Continue reading The Infestation