The Two Sisters

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(The Two Sisters, left to right: Spice and Sugar)

Whenever I hear the word, “two,” I immediately think of our two Pomeranian’s, Sugar and Spice.  This double doggie duo have been some of the best dogs to have in our lives.  They came to us when my husband was recovering from cancer.  Our children had already left home and the need to “mother” was strong for us both.  The sisters helped my husband get up and move around.  He was forced to care for them which in turn, made him stronger.  I will never be able to thank these two wonderful companions for what they have brought into our lives.


(Spice – loves her comfort)

It is not unusual for a Pomeranian to have only two pups at a time.  These girls are not purebred and that has been a blessing.  The breed can have many health issues due to overbreeding and the need to make them tinier and tinier.  Sugar was a fat healthy puppy, while Spice was the runt of the litter.  What she did not have in size she made up for in spunk. We named these two girls because of the colors of their coats.  Sugar has more white on her, and Spice was more of a cinnamon color so her name worked perfectly for her.  In addition, the two girls have personalities that fit their names.  Sugar is sweet and cuddly, while Spice is curious and always into everything, you know, spicy!

Our girls will be 11 years old in January.  In human life that would equate out to approximately 77 years old.  They are both growing old gracefully.  The both have bouts of ‘dogheimers’ and the occasional sleep barking episodes.  They love to walk in our neighborhood and many mornings you will see us walking and enjoying the weather.

2014-07-08 13.00.20

(Sugar, on fly-watching duty)

The two dogs have only been apart twice.  Once for Sugar to have teeth pulled at the Vet’s office and once for Spice to have surgery for a cyst on her back.  Otherwise, the sisters live an idyllic life.  They both act like sisters too.  They do get sick of each other and sometimes growl crabbily.  Usually in  a short time you will see them, licking lips as Pomeranians often do.  The best of friends once again.  If only humans could learn a lesson or two from these two sisters.

Everything that has to do with the dogs involves the number two.  Two dog biscuits, two dog chews, two collars, two leashes, etc.  What you do for one dog, you end up doing for the other dog too – twice, every time.  Nevertheless, the best part of having two dogs is that there is double the love, kisses, and cuddles from our two sisters.

13 thoughts on “The Two Sisters”

  1. Wow, they are ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing these pictures, I loved seeing them — all of the photos were cute but I especially melted at the one of Spice on the pillow! She looks like a doll! Amazing how nature can create such sweet adorable beings….I especially appreciate how they were such a help while your husband was recovering from cancer. Loving animals truly can help us long-term, even when we appear to be their caretakers on the surface. 🙂 What they bring to a family is amazing!

  2. Dogs can have such a healing impact on us. I love that you got the two sisters during a time when healing was such a profound part of their lives. We have a little rescue dog, and even though we rescued her, there are times when I feel like she is the one who gives the most benefit. 🙂 Lovely post!


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