Parlor Maple Madness


2014-08-19 10.05.48


2014-08-21 09.50.04


2014-08-21 09.50.37


2014-08-21 14.06.49

I am fascinated by the Parlor Maple “Thompsonii” (Abutilon Pictum ‘Thompsonii’) which is a tender evergreen shrub.  I planted this shrub in May and it has grown like crazy.  It will grow as tall as 8 feet in sun to part shade.  The light orange blooms striped with dark orange are just starting to appear.

I did find a great website called “About Home” at that will tell you all about this wonderful shrub.  We are in zone 8 here in Pensacola, Florida so I might have to cover this plant when temperatures fall.  Enjoy!

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