Musings from a Glass of Moscato

Today’s daily writing challenge at is:  Captain Picard was into Earl Grey tea; mention the Dude and we think: White Russians. What’s your signature beverage — and how did it achieve that status?

My signature beverage would have to be Moscato Wine!  I love the sweet, fruity taste on my tongue.  Better yet, I love the way Moscato wine smells.  It fills your senses with its tangy peachy aroma.  Most other wines do not smell this fantastic!

2014-07-12 16.11.24

I enjoy both white Moscato and pink Moscato wines.  Both of them are similar; however, I believe pink Moscato is quite a bit more tart.  My sipping wine of choice is the white Moscato.  Red Moscato wine has an entirely different taste and smell.  It tastes darker to me – full bodied with a hint of cherry.  I do enjoy a red Moscato on occasion, it just is not my favorite.

I was introduced to Moscato wine from a bunch of friends (neighbors) when we lived in Great Falls, Montana.  I attended a wine and cheese party where there was every type of cheese and wine served that I could possibly think of.  We had a great time and I found my passion for Moscato wine.  I have been enjoying this wine ever since.

2014-07-12 16.14.37

Moscato wine became my favorite drink to share with family and friends.  Even though we have all moved on to other areas of the country, or even overseas, (many of my friends were active duty military) I am always reminded of the fantastic times we had in Montana every time I sip my glass of Moscato.  Good times and good friends along with a great glass of wine – it does not get much better than this!


Another great Montana barbecue

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  1. Lovely to combine your favorite wine with memories of friends.

    • Thank you so much. We were the old folks in this bunch of kids but we had our military service that we all shared. Most of our young friends were in the Air Force. My husband retired after 24 years from the Air Force and I had served my 4 years long ago. The neighbor that the picture was taken at still calls me and says he is my son from another mother. Fantastic memories!

  2. What a delicious post! I’ll join you in a glass of white Muscato. It is one of my favorite summer indulgences, and I love an Italian variety we only find at one certain grocery. And, interestingly, I just purchased a set of wine glasses yesterday identical to yours- at the Re-Store 😉 I was thrilled to find them, all with the same brilliant cut although in three slightly different sizes and 2 slightly different shapes. All lovely. Cheers! WG

  3. Muscato is delicious! A fantastic summer wine. Do you like icewine at all? Bonny Doon makes a terrific one.

  4. I just sent my sister a text to pick up the pink. You might given me a new favorite beverage.

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