The End of My Week-finally!

I have had an eventful week with our beloved dog, Sugar and her diabetes, and various other family related issues.  It is all under control now, or I should say moving in the right directions.  Life happens.  You deal with it and move on to the next thing.

Sugar is home today and we are armed with new food, syringes, insulin and a strict feeding schedule!  Sugar can no longer have dog biscuits, dog chews, or any of her other favorite snacks.  It makes sense to me that Sugar will only eat twice a day and then receive her insulin after eating.  7a.m. and 7p.m. are the feeding and dosing times.  This way if she is not munching on other snacks, etc. her sugar will not spike or get too low.  Instead, we will have her on a nice steady schedule.

I had to learn how to give her a shot today.  I was scared to death!  I made it through and Sugar still loves me!  Spice is not happy about all of these changes.  We have always fed the dogs with food in their bowl for them to eat when they were hungry.  Now, Spice will have to adhere to Sugar’s scheduled eating habits.  Change is good and we will all adapt in time.  Time heals everything.

2014-08-22 11.44.48

Sugar – happy to be home.  Lounging in front of the fan!  This girl has no shame!

The other thing I managed to get done this week was a doily I had been working on for months.  I try to work on my book, my blog, and my crocheting every day.  Some days that does not work, but what the heck – retired means you set your own schedule!  I get it done as I get it done.

This doily is called, “In the Vineyard.”  Perfect for my wine drinking hobby which I think I will be partaking in later this afternoon.

2014-08-22 11.21.56

2014-08-22 11.21.01

I am going to leave this doily on my dining room table as it is quite large.  However, I do like the detail of the grapes and grape leaves.  I am working on an entirely different piece now that I will share at a later date.  Thanks for cheering me up through my crazy week.  I enjoy your company!

22 thoughts on “The End of My Week-finally!

  1. Sugar is adorable! I had a diabetic cat and as you said about Sugar, she didn’t hate me after her shots either, which was such a relief! I somehow think animals know when you’re trying to help them; it probably didn’t hurt that at first I’d feed her right after the shot, so she’d associate weird needle time with happy food time. 🙂 She did miss not being able to eat dry food, since she seemed to be looking for it and begging for it, but she adapted quickly to her all-can, higher-protein diet. Animals are so resilient, and often more pleasant about things like this than us humans can be — I know I tend to bemoan my fate when I’m sick, haha. Anyway, also wanted to say your doily came out great. I wish I had crocheting skills, but it’s like my hands have a mind of their own whenever I try to do something detailed like that. 🙂


  2. Glad to hear your family is getting used to the new normal. Sugar is adorable and deserves to relax after her ordeal. I admire your learning to give her shots. Wow, you are a wonderful Mommy to your little girl.
    Your doily is beautiful. It compliments your table perfectly. I agree the details are so pretty. You do amazing work.
    Have a relaxing weekend. 🙂


  3. Colleen, you cheer me up. I love reading about your days and your doily is lovely. I’m glad to hear that your dog is home. They’re a worry sometimes, aren’t they? But so worth it.
    Have a drink on me and enjoy your Friday night.


  4. I sympathize with your dog. I’m diabetic. I do much better when I adhere to a strict eating plan. You’re a good mama. I love the doily, it is absolutely beautiful such fine work.


  5. Gotta do what’s necessary for our furry friends! Even though they can’t talk, you know that they appreciate your love. 🙂


  6. As I mentioned before, that tying the injection to the food thing is genius. When you think that a cat who only met me once let me give those shots (which I never thought I could do), it shows what a really good routine for such things can do.
    Also, I LOVE your doily! I made a large one a few years back, and seeing yours brought back the enjoyment I got from it. It’s beautiful and it looks great on that table. 🙂


    1. Thank you again. I was terrified to give the shot but have been able to do it with no problem. It is so hot here right now and that is hard on the girls too. Your kind thoughts helped me to do this. I love my old fashioned doilies. I feel close to my grandmother and mother (whom I did not know) when I crochet. It calms the thoughts.

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      1. Crocheting is relaxing, and I love how the manipulation of cotton thread or yarn creates such lovely patterns.
        Glad things are going well with Sugar and Spice. And I hope it cools down a bit. Have a good week!


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