1. Love it. Hilarious. I was on holiday in Florida a few months ago and actually did write a blog post. Very funny cartoon 🙂


  2. [ Laughs ] I can relate to this; we writers are never truly on vacation in the mental sense even though we are physically on vacation.


  3. This is great. But I was also thinking we wouldn’t really want it any other way. Sometimes it is the very act of slowing down that allows those new ideas to pop. And we’d probably worry more if we went on vacation and we didn’t get ideas. Our brains don’t just stop because we’re on vacation. As writers, we’re interested in everything. And we make connections. It’s what we do. That’s part of the reason, I think, that this cartoon rings so true! Love it! 🙂


  4. This is so me. The laptop now goes every where with me and as mush as I enjoy taking time out from writing by doing other things, my mind is always searching for ideas for up coming posts or putting a short story together. I just wonder if I will be able to take a break on Christmas Day this year, as I only started my blog in February this year.


  5. An absolute heart’s laugh! This is great. I went on a week’s long unplugging retreat to Assateaugue Island, and a on the fourth day, almost all of these things were going through my head! Brilliant!


  6. Much truth. But, that’s also true for photography, and I’m sure other endeavours.

    The first one especially resonates with many people because there is so much shi . . . er . . . less-than-stellar content out there. I’ve figured out an important fact about that . . . if you really want to make it, you have to rub elbows, form friendships, attend convention, and hang around in bars hoping to meet some editor or other.

    Gone are the days of just sending in a manuscript and receiving an answer from an editor who is interested in grooming you for greatness. Sure, it happens occasionally, but one must be truly gifted and even then there is a lot of luck involved since editors are not a homogeneous group; what one likes, another may turn down.

    . . . plus, many would-be-writers are distracted from applying themselves to their writing by commenting on other people’s blogs . . .


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