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Walking in nature every morning clears my brain for the day I will face ahead.  I am lucky to live in the country near Pensacola, Florida, where wide open spaces dominate!  This is a photo of the helicopter field behind our house where the U. S. Navy Helicopter Training students practice almost daily.  Nice to hear choppers in the air… the sound of freedom.


I walk this stretch of road early each morning about 6 a.m. carrying two 5 lb. weights. In the summer, I only walk about two miles a day because of the heat.  In the winter, I walk the full 3 miles.  If you walk in nature, you will begin to incorporate those great feeling into your life and it will come through your writing for all to share.  I have seen a fox, armadillo, a possum, and many different kinds of birds on my morning excursions.


I pass by these swamps each day.  They have inspired me to write poetry, and to include them in some of my short stories.  I love the deep darkness of these sloughs.  When they are filled with water, you can hear frogs croaking.  Birds dart everywhere and spider webs line the trees and bushes on this side of the road.  If this does not inspire you to write something interesting…  I just don’t know.


This is another view of the helicopter field.  It is immense!  I have seen 4 or 5 helicopters hovering over the field, as a thunderstorm rumbles in the sky above, while they wait until it is safe to fly again.  Along the fence wire you will see dragonflies lined up, taking in the morning sun as if to mimic the helicopters flying overhead.  They glisten in brilliant hues of blue and magenta.

I hope you enjoyed my morning walk.  Take a walk in your neighborhood and see what inspires you.  Thanks for visiting,

Silver Threading

18 thoughts on “Take A Walk!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your walk. Living there, it’s easy to see why you’re inspired to take up the pen and record thoughts and imaginings of mother nature’s different terrains. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful walk, Colleen. Like you, I tend to get out of bed early and during the summer months I am out walking our dog, Toby, by 6:30. During the winter months, it’s a little later as it does not get light here until around 8:00 am then.

    Thank you for posting the pictures of your walk. Those big wide open spaces, somewhat, remind me of the English countryside.

    • I think so too Hugh. I loved living in England. I would say the people and county imprinted on my heart forever. That is why I am enjoying this blogging so much. I still get to see and hear about England through all of you. Thanks for that! Every night I have a cup of PG Tips with evaporated milk and stevia! LOL!

      • That is so lovely of you to say, Colleen. How long were you living in England for?
        I’m glad to hear you like PG Tips as well. Tea is my favourite beverage especially when I am dunking Oreos into it 🙂
        Are there any other foods/beverages you liked when in England that you can’t get in the States? Maybe an idea for a new post?


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