The Do-Over


I am proud to say that today, I am working on my “DO-OVER.”  You know, where you take all the notes and summaries of books that you want to write and finally combine them into a conceivable semblance of some kind of order. Finally I have a plan!

I have struggled with the development of this idea for so long.  I dreamed about it, I even talked about it.  I just could not write about it!  Today it all seemed to fall into place.  Thanks to all of you and the support you show me daily.  Apparently, you propel my creativity!

So, keep at it!  Don’t give up.  Just keep writing!


(Both Images from Incidental Comics, 8/28/14)

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Silver Threading


  1. I can’t imagine writing a book. I have trouble completing a song, so I can only imagine the difficulty in such a large composition. Best of luck with it!!!!


    1. That has been my struggle, seeing the whole picture. I can write a research paper or a short story and not have a problem. A book you have to plan. I feel wonderful just coming up with a great plot and basic characters to tell the story! Thanks 🙂

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  2. Good luck, Colleen. I think I made a mistake by not planning the novel I started writing in Sept 2012. It’s been sat untouched in the ‘work in progress’ folder for 12 months now and I hope to go back to it one day. However, blogging seems to have taken over my world recently and as I am enjoying it so much, I don’t seem to mind too much.


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