My Reality

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My world is woven from a desire to create a reality.

Silken threads intertwine and twist in the moisture laden air,

all the while I wait and ponder the divinity I seek.

* * *

The darkness of the swamp engulfs and challenges this veracity.

Bottle green leaves and vines encircle my retreat,

drawing wisdom from the primordial ooze beneath my feet.

* * *

Patiently I crouch and wait, silent in my lair,

as gossamer strands of silken lace play upon her hair.

The dankness of the mire, the stillness of the day,

This I know is my actuality, my dominion I shall keep.

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved

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27 thoughts on “My Reality”

  1. This reminded me of our time living and working in the Everglades. Paddling a canoe into the mangroves was somewhat eerie, especially with the alligators!

      1. One of my favorite two characters in Star Trek: Enterprise is from Panama City. He once was serious about “Natalie from Pensacola” – she wasn’t as serious about him.
        We loved our brief time in the Glades, and spent time canoeing, skiffing, on tour boats, airboats, at various local attractions, snorkeling, scuba diving, and hiking in the Glades/Keys area.
        Hope to get back and let the kids get to know the swamp, too!

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