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This Saturday, Linda from her blog, “Linda G. Hill, Life in Progress,” asked us to write about age.  This request is part of our Stream of Consciousness Saturday which is open to everyone.  Click here to find the rules.


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Age is an interesting topic.  If you are young, you want to be older.  If you are older, you long for your youth.  Frankly, I am happy with my age right now.  I have enough wisdom to keep myself out of trouble yet, I still yearn to try and to learn new things.  I take care of my body, watch the foods I eat, exercise, and try to do all the things that you should for my age.  I like to think that I am aging gracefully.

I was blessed with the right amount of “age genes” so that I am able to not look my age.  My daughters have inherited this favored gene also.  All three of us are mistaken for our ages quite frequently.  My Prussian genes actually gave me something other than big hips!

However, that is the problem with age today.  How you look influences everyone else’s perception of age.  If you look older, many times you are lumped into a category where people believe you will behave in a certain way.  For example, if you have grey hair it is believed that you belong to the Baby Boomer generation and are technology challenged.  That is a total misconception on the part of young people today.  Not all Baby Boomers are challenged when it comes to technology.

old women

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I went back to college a few years ago and had the best experience.  Now mind you, I was definitely the oldest student in many of my classes and that included the professor!  Nevertheless, I jumped right in with all the other students who were just starting out their lives.  Some were only eighteen years old and did not have a clue about life or college.  I was able to integrate into these groups of younger adults because I accepted them for who they were.  No judgments.  I am still friends with quite a few of them and we visit on Facebook frequently.  In addition, the younger students came to me for technology issues.  They had not worked in fields yet where Microsoft Word, or Excel were taught to them.  I was able to show them some time-saving tricks of the trade.  Another plus for age!

I have never understood why age is such a big deal.  It is not something that you can change.  You can change your looks so that you do not look to be a certain age, but in the end, you are most certainly still that age.  I never wanted to look like that woman who is trying to look young so she wears clothes that are inappropriate for her age.  You know the kind I mean…


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As I have said, I am happy with the age I am today.  I worked hard to gain all of this wisdom.  I was not taken seriously in the working world until I was 40 years old!  Only then, was I comfortable to say what I thought.  I also found that I was comfortable with my knowledge and skill set within my field.  I think women improve with age.  We are truly like a fine wine, not ripe until our time.  Embrace whatever age you are right now.  Be happy in your skin!

Leave it to me to bring the subject back to wine!  Cheers!


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  1. I wear my advancing age confidently – i earned it! I try to keep the wonder of childhood – living with and befriending children helps there. And I make good use of the patience and wisdom that come with growing older and living. These are things I can share, and use in my own life.
    I love this post, and your wit. I’m not especially fond of wine, so I’ll lift a mug of hot sweet coffee and toast you! =D


  2. I agree with you, especially when you write: “I have never understood why age is such a big deal.” Me neither. I also have wondered why we use terms like “older woman” or “older man” to describe someone — older than what? Is there just one “OK” age range, and everyone outside it is “younger” or “older?” Nope, age is just age! So I really enjoyed this great thought-provoking post!


  3. Beautifully written. I say you’re as old as you feel and, right now, I feel like 25 🙂

    Seriously though, age should not matter as it’s the person who is far more important. I have a young outlook on life and find that I get on very well with just about everybody wether they be 18 or 98 🙂 just because you get to a certain age does not mean it is time to give up. I only wish a few people I know who seem to have given up on life, even though they have many years ahead of them, would get back on the path of life and enjoy the many years they have ahead.


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