The Re-DO Got Re-Done


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As part of our Stream of Consciousness Saturday using “re,” I would have to say that I have been occupied with a major re-DO of the continuing saga of our landscaping at our house this weekend. The hot Florida summer finally got to my husband and I so, we decided to have a sprinkler system installed. This turned out to be a lovely idea that came with a horrendous mess!

The contractor was due to arrive Monday morning which did not happen. After he finally called to say that he needed to pick up a sick child from school, we were able to reschedule for Tuesday. The workmen arrived on Tuesday morning and the long process began.

A trencher machine was brought in and long trenches were made all over my front and back yards. Flower gardens were dug up so that the PVC pipes that carry the water could be properly laid to distribute the water evenly. The workmen laid the white PVC pipes and attached Rain Bird sprinkler heads to spray everything in the front and back. All my garden areas and the grass would be covered.


At one point the workmen hit the water main and all the water had to be shut off to the house. A geyser of water soaked the front yard. Mud was everywhere. Northwest Florida is compiled of golden red clay soil much like you find in Southern Georgia. When the soil gets wet it is really slick and sticks to everything! This clay was everywhere on the driveway, the front porch. You get the idea, it was a disaster.

Sprinkler Trenching

All those rocks I had hauled and placed in the gardenia beds were a mess. The black landscaping cloth was already battered from when we had all the overgrown bushes torn out. However, after the trenching and the pipe was laid and recovered, it was apparent that all the garden areas would require a major re-DO. New landscaping cloth would have to be laid and a fresh layer of rocks applied on top.

OH boy!    GreenDollarSignSparklessparkled before my eyes!

In addition, the owner of the company did not convey to his men that we were going to plant a tree in one of the already bricked-in planter areas near the street. It turned out that after the irrigation pipes were placed in amongst the gas lines, phone lines, and water lines, there was not room for a tree!  Time for a re-do of Plan A.

Plan B was easy. I would remove all the bricks that made a border, and we would simply sod that area with grass and leave well enough alone. I still had the remaining bricked in planter in the center of the yard where I could put my dusty pink Crepe Myrtle tree so I could deal with that.

Finally yesterday at about 7:30 p.m. (central time) the sprinkler timer was wired and we were ready for some sprinkler action. Apparently everything worked fine as the back and front lawns were quite wet this morning. Thank goodness.

Next week, the landscapers come to plant the Crepe Myrtle tree and a red Japanese Maple in the front yard for me. At that time we will have the rocks redone properly with landscaping cloth and normalcy will once again descend at our humble abode.

Thanks for visiting and hearing about my exciting re-DO,

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10 thoughts on “The Re-DO Got Re-Done”

  1. Sounds like a classic case of “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.” I’m sure you’ll be so happy with it when everything is in its place. 😀

  2. I congratulate you on your them, than your elegant presentation, and the details of your story. It makes me wonder if I am reading a book or watching a movie!!


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