The Mountain Brook

14 Aug 09 035

The brook gently meanders with a hushed gentle flow,

whereas dappled sunlight patterns the leaves all aglow.

Time slips by with no rhythm or meaning,

just the steady stream ebbing from the mountains exceeding.

Shadows deepen with an ebony luminosity,

As fire flies glimmer, sparkle, and flash.

Quietly –

the night descends in soothing whispers displaying the sun’s last flush,

while darkness lingers smoldering in the dusk.

**Memories of the Great Falls, Montana Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center Trail along the banks of the Missouri River, Summer 2009**

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26 thoughts on “The Mountain Brook”

      1. Our son is the only native Montanan in our family. I’m from upstate New York; my husband is an Oregonian.

        We worked three seasons at the Old Faithful Inn, in Yellowstone, and then I worked two more at Mammoth Hot Springs. My husband worked three in a parkwide position.

        I’ll always remember Montana with deep fondness and love. What beautiful country! =D

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