It’s All in the Name

Blogging U 9.14

Today’s assignment in Blogging 101 is to let readers know what inspired your title and tagline on your blog.

My title and tagline is: Silver Threading – Join me in my journey into retirement, as I silver thread my way to look back, look forward, look around, and look within.

When it came time for me to add a name to my blog I immediately knew what I wanted to name it.  You see when I was in college a couple of years ago I took most of my classes online.  I took classes in Montana and in Arizona, and both colleges had discussion boards as part of the online class structure.

online learning

My professors would post questions, usually in the form of an essay that we would answer on the discussion boards.  Part of our grade had to do with replies we made to other student’s comments.  These comments were called “threads.” To me,  “threading,” represents an open line of communication between myself and the readers of my blog.

The other aspect of my blog’s name, “silver” came to me in two ways.  I have silver hair, which  represents my wisdom.  In fact, I like my hair because it is a liberation of sorts for me to not have to prove myself anymore.  I am at the point in my life that I am finally comfortable with who I have become. I refuse to color my hair because I want the world to see the real me which I reveal through my writings.


Silver Threading works as the title of my lifestyle blog because it is my journey into my retirement years. I have been fortunate, and I am grateful that I could retire this early.  However, for me that is not the end of my journey.  I feel there is still much to learn and experience.  My tagline suggests that as I discover more about myself and others; I will do that by looking back, looking forward, looking around and looking within.  Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for visiting with me.  I am happy to see you each time you visit!

Silver Threading

8 thoughts on “It’s All in the Name”

  1. Very nice description and/or origin of your blog name, Colleen. I often read blogs without really thinking about the name of the blog, but I really ought to. Thank you for sharing the impetus for calling your blog Silver Threading!

    1. Thanks. It is all part of these classes. I suppose I will have to reveal much more before I am done. I am blown away by the amount of emails from these classes. Another 500 this morning. Whew!

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