Gratitude Sunday

Gratitude Sunday

Colline, of Colline’s Blog, sponsors a weekly Gratitude Project where she encourages us to be mindful of what we are thankful for each week.

This week I am thankful for the cool breezes blowing into our little part of the world – Pensacola, Florida.  It has been an excruciatingly hot summer here in the northwestern panhandle of Florida.  Last week, our temperatures dipped into the high 60’s F. in the mornings and the low 80’s F. during the day.  It has been sheer bliss.

Finally, it is beginning to feel like autumn.  I am looking forward to steamy cups of hot chocolate enjoyed outside while we are barbecuing, enjoying my hot tub/spa with a glass of Moscato wine, and cool misty morning walks with Sugar and Spice, my Pomeranians.  I am ready for some fall like weather!

fog in am

Autumn always makes me think of family.  The grandkids go back to school, the days get shorter, the nights get longer.  Halloween is just around the corner!  Fall is the prelude to the holiday season which for many is a stressful time of year.  I keep things simple and like to spend time with loved ones.  What do you do for the holidays?

These cooler temperatures have made me nostalgic for times long ago when my children were young and still living at home.  We always had myriads of activities to keep us busy, what with school, dances, homework, crafts, etc.  Thankfully my oldest daughter, Tabitha is coming for a visit from California in a week or so.  I am so excited!

Fall (Image credit: Pinterest, 9/28/2014)

Yes, I am truly thankful for the cool sea breezes bring autumn along on their headwinds.  What are you thankful for this week?

Thanks for visiting and spending some time with me.  I will see you again,

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15 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday”

  1. I’m thankful for these days with the windows open and no need of AC or the furnace. I’m thankful for the quiet now that the pool in they patio beneath my apartment windows has been covered with a gorgeous turquoise tarp and only a few people sit in the sun out there before winter drives them inside. I’m thankful for the pause between summer and the holidays to catch my breath and just be.

  2. Well we don’t get much Fall here in Southern California but the temperature has dropped here recently as well. I am grateful for it. I am glad the hectic back to school days are over for me with my kids. They are now adults. I do look forward to Thanksgiving. My daughter usually comes home every year and we cook together. My son lives close by with his wife which is great. Christmas and Hanukah are hectic in that it is hard to not be affected by the holiday frenzy. But I try to keep it simple and the best part is just spending time with my kids.

  3. I’m grateful for another week with my mum and her small but significant signs of improvement. I’m grateful for opportunities arising and hoping I can make the most of them. And I’m grateful that I’m lucky enough to be doing the things I love the most. Thanks for sharing this awesome post. xxx

  4. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, isn’t it? I enjoy the holidays that come with it too. Not so much thanksgiving (as I did jot grow up with it) but Christmas, it is a wonderful time for me as I spend it with my family and I enjoy every minute 🙂

  5. I too love autumn The cooler weather, though we haven’t had to contend with the temperatures you’ve been experiencing. I would just wilt with the heat.
    I love wrapping up in sweaters, scarves and mittens. And I love Halloween, although I stop short at trick or treating!
    Enjoy your cooler weather and your lovely garden.

    • Thank you Dorne. I do hand out candy to the children in the neighborhood on Halloween. I remember Guy Faulks (I probably did not spell it right :-/) night in the U.K. I enjoyed that. Bonfires always make me remember that holiday. <3

  6. I love the fall, too. It was always my favorite season, but we haven’t had a true peak here for about a decade, so that became a depressing factor and took away that joy of it. Still, I love the cooler temps and all the comes with it (bar the allergies lol).


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