Peace Through Kindness


Each month, I ask myself, “How do I promote peace?”

The topic of “world peace” seems so broad and intimidating.  It really does not have to be unless we let it seem so daunting that we are unable to grasp its true meaning.  Do not look at the broad picture only.  Keep carving the meaning of peace down until you have something that you can hold on to that helps you define what peace truly means to you.

This month, I want to promote peace through the kindness of ourselves and how we act toward other people.  Kindness in words is a big deal to me.  You can destroy a person with only a few words.  We in the WordPress blogging community are actually quite kind to each other, offering inspiration, hope, and a sense of caring.  Great.

Now, how do you treat the members of your family?

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In my opinion, peace in a family is attainable by recognizing that each person brings something unique to the family unit.  We are not all alike by any means.  Just because our genes are shared within a family does not mean that we are all the same.  Our differences make us human and loveable.  When judgments or perceptions against each other are shelved and forgotten, that is when peace silently slips into your home.  You do not even notice until you sense the quiet.

Be Kind

Peace obtained through kindness is an easy task.  Say, “please,” and “thank you,” to each other.  Mind your snarky/funny comments by keeping them in perspective so that you do not do more harm than good to your family members.  Take responsibility for your actions and do not blame others for your own mistakes.

Create peace in your family by loving each other – flaws and all.  Be willing to change.  That is the key.

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18 thoughts on “Peace Through Kindness”

  1. Thanks for writing about peace. When you begin with peace in the home as you say, it’s like the small stone that lands in a pond and sends ripples way out into the water.

  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    The concept of worldwide peace is a daunting one. It usually is when we look at the big picture and cannot imagine our thoughts or actions making one iota of difference. But as this post on Silver Threading identifies we can make a difference by influencing ours and others actions that we live with and those in close proximity… we forget that one act of kindness, or smile or hug motivates in a way that an act of cruelty never can.

  3. I love your views on world peace starting from Home peace. Words! Words!! Words!!! I always tell people that WORDS cut deeper than knives so I try to be careful when I use mine and the tone in which what is said is said hurts too. Appreciation is the way to go anyday. Well done.


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