The Next Chapter Begins

Our first assignment in Blogging 201 asks that we detail our blog’s goals to help us refine where we are going with our blogs. I started Silver Threading in April of 2014.  In my humble beginnings, I knew I wanted to write, but I had not found my “true voice” yet.

I have been narrowing down what my focus should be in Silver Threading. I wanted my journey through my retirement years to always be the focus through my writings. The most pleasant surprise is that I have found an audience to read my poetry and short stories that even enjoys my photography. I never imagined that would be possible.

I did not want my blog to be about getting older – instead I wanted it to be about another chapter in my life and how I could finally do the creative things I only dreamed of doing when I was younger. Silver Threading is that journey. It does not have a set plan – it unfolds as I live it and write it.

Eventually through trial and error, I guess I finally decided to blog to self-publish my poetry and writing. Along the way, I also wanted to preserve stories from my family and my husband’s family for our children and grandchildren.

At the back of my mind I always thought that if I had a following to begin with I would do much better when it came time to publish my writings professionally. My blogging was never really about the followers to begin with. However, now I realize that there is something to the numbers after all.

I have set some goals to achieve within the next six months (10/20/14 – 4/19/15):

1. Get some of my poetry and/or short stories published.

2. Include articles from three guest writers on my blog.

3. Increase my Writer’s Quote Wednesday followers by 50%.

4. Create a monthly writer’s award to highlight other blogs and share them within our community.

Of course, I still have the normal goals of posting at least one post per day, and to find time to read and respond to my followers own blogs, which is quite important to me.

I also want to continue to encourage young writers on WordPress. Awards are a way of transferring some of our own confidence we have gained to others. Our young writers are important to the survival of writing in a technology driven society.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I appreciate you all!

2014-10-06 00.23.15

Silver Threading

23 thoughts on “The Next Chapter Begins”

  1. Hello Colleen,
    I have really been encouraged more by reading a few of your post, especially this one. Thank you for having dreams & goals for other up and inspiring writers such as myself. WeRBetter2Gether

  2. I love your new header, photo and your goals. I feel sure you will achieve them.
    I will look forward to reading about it, on your blog.
    Well done Colleen, your blog is truly inspiring. X

  3. You have some great goals there, Colleen, and how very thoughtful they are as well towards your fellow bloggers. You are such an inspiration to anybody visiting your blog and one that also helps build and promotes a community which is so important.

    You know I am already a huge fan of yours and I will certainly continue to support you where I can. I actually posted my three goals in the comms room, the main one being to get to grips more with social media, especially having been told by a few bloggers that more than 80% of traffic to their site comes through the social media channel.

    The best of luck with blogging 201 and wishing you lots of continued success.

    1. Thank you Hugh. I am so glad to have your friendship and support! I actually have more Twitter followers than I do WordPress followers. Twitter is vital to us. I follow many different types of folks too, not just publishers. LOL! I am always here for you also! I love goal setting. Fresh starts are great. The best to you too my friend!

      1. They are indeed. I’ve always struggled to get more followers on Twitter, so that is why I made it one of my goals to concentrate more on social media. As quick as I seem to gain followers on Twitter, they seem to disappear again. I’m off now to work on today’s assignment even though I only changed the whole look of my blog a few weeks back. I’m sure there is more I can do.

              1. I’ve done quite a few updates on my blog, Colleen. New colours, new fonts, rearranged my menu bar adding sub menus and also cutting down on the widgets and rearranging them on advice from some of our fellow students. I had some great responses in the Comms room. I see you have a new Gravatar picture as well. All these changes certainly do refresh everything don’t you think? What a great assignment today.

  4. Colleen by the time I register, the registration was closed. I decided to be late by a day therefore seeing your post I would know what’s happening at Blog definitely have followers in a very short span of time. Kudos 🙂

  5. What a lovely post – a great start to Blogging 201 – and I love the new header as well. How creative. Wish I could mess about with images like that – see my second goal! I also agree with you about the importance of encouraging younger writers and bloggers.

  6. I like the “Next Chapter” focus and the “Take Life…” image. I see you have changed your header too. I really enjoy reading your blog, and following your journey. Your goals seem realistic and quite achievable.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. Blogging 201 is all about branding your image so I figured this would be the day to introduce a new header to go along with my goals. I like realistic 🙂

  7. Andrea (aka Rokinrev)

    New to your blog but am of the belief if you launch ideas into the Universe, they are manifested

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