The Sun Bathers


2014-10-20 10.06.54

Sugar and Spice have been enjoying the sun on the patio this week.  It suddenly got warm and humid all over again so they like chilling out and relaxing before Halloween.  They get upset during Trick or Treat, so Mom hands out candy, and Dad stays inside with them watching T.V.

Have a safe TRICK OR TREAT and remember to watch out for your pets so that they don’t get into the candy!  Sugar and Spice ask that you visit for some safety tips:


(Image Credit:  Dog Halloween Safety Tips)



Thanks for visiting Sugar and Spice this week,

Silver Threading


          1. Lol! My ex-girlfriend had a labrador retriever that ate her pantyhose. That poor dog was butt scooting for a while, trying to dislodge it!

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  1. Hey, found you via Nano Poblano.

    I add participating bloggers into my feed reader, I’ve added yours. 🙂 I also like to try and do a blog commenting challenge for NaBloPoMo, too. So you’ll see me back here in November and I’ll be following your posts.

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  2. Toby just barks when ever anybody rings our doorbell and shouts out ‘Trick or Treat’, so he should be OK, its Bonfire Night he’s more concerned with, but a trip to the vets today may have solved his firework phobia as we’ve been given an adapter to plug in which releases something which will hopefully clam him down and chill him out (those were the Vets vey words). I just hope it does not have that affect on me, Colleen, otherwise who knows what I am going be posting on my blog page over the coming days 🙂

    Sugar & Spice look very cute. A Happy Halloween to them from Toby.

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