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Foggy Morning Blues

I awoke this morning to another lovely sunrise through the horse-hole in my backyard – a foggy sunrise.  I wish I could photograph the horses sticking their heads through when the fog is swirling like this. It would make a pretty sight. Well Team Pepper, we made it.  Day 30.  I have thoroughly enjoyed making new connections and reading all

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I have been looking into making my own scents for some time now, so when Linda added that as one of her prompt words, I just had to go with it. I started reading about making my own scents quite a bit ago.  It seemed like such a daunting task and I just did not know to get started.  I

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Warm Hands = Warm Hearts

I was rather pleased to read recently that several medical studies now confirm what many of us already know: holding a warm beverage in our hands causes us to feel closer and more agreeable toward others.  Interestingly, if the liquid is room temperature, the feelings cease. (Image Credit:  Warm Hands ❤ Warm Hearts) Psychologists accredit this phenomenon to the fact

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