Pixel Prose Challenge–A Foggy Sunrise

Amanda, of Unique Art Chic, sponsors a Pixel Prose Challenge each week where you can wield your creative images and words together to make something magical! This week shows that I am obsessed with the fog and the interesting images that come out of it. Living in the deep South of the United States, Florida … Read more Pixel Prose Challenge–A Foggy Sunrise

Foggy Morning Blues

I awoke this morning to another lovely sunrise through the horse-hole in my backyard – a foggy sunrise.  I wish I could photograph the horses sticking their heads through when the fog is swirling like this. It would make a pretty sight. Well Team Pepper, we made it.  Day 30.  I have thoroughly enjoyed making … Read more Foggy Morning Blues


I have been looking into making my own scents for some time now, so when Linda added that as one of her prompt words, I just had to go with it. I started reading about making my own scents quite a bit ago.  It seemed like such a daunting task and I just did not … Read more SoCS–Scents

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge-Hunt and Wind

This week, with the holidays coming, I am thinking about my grand children.  Here is Stevie Ray when he was just a little guy: Learn about participating in Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge by clicking here. Thanks for visiting today.  I look forward to seeing you all again! Silver Threading

Christmas Beach Crochet–Mum’s Market Bag

I love crochet and have been so busy writing lately that I have not had time to share my progress on my recent project – Mum’s Market Bag.  I try to crochet at least an hour a day.  Concentrating on the numbers of stitches, etc. seems to clear my mind. (Image Credit: Pinterest – Moogly … Read more Christmas Beach Crochet–Mum’s Market Bag

Photography 101–Triumph

When Photography 101 asked that our last assignment be about “triumph,” I realized that I was not sure what to share as a photo that would relate to the meaning of the word. I turned to my tried and true dictionary.com to look up a few references on what triumph means. I decided that I … Read more Photography 101–Triumph

The Swamp Fairy–The Fairy Ring

Here it is Thanksgiving Day and I still have not had any further contact from my little swamp fairy.  With all the holiday preparations, and the fact that I threw my back out, I have not been able to get back to that little hedge to see if she is still hanging about. On Monday, … Read more The Swamp Fairy–The Fairy Ring

Warm Hands = Warm Hearts

I was rather pleased to read recently that several medical studies now confirm what many of us already know: holding a warm beverage in our hands causes us to feel closer and more agreeable toward others.  Interestingly, if the liquid is room temperature, the feelings cease. (Image Credit:  Warm Hands <3 Warm Hearts) Psychologists accredit … Read more Warm Hands = Warm Hearts

Photography 101-Double

Photography 101 is looking for images of doubles today.  How could I not share my two lovely Pomeranian sisters, Sugar and Spice?

Thanks for stopping by on this Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy your families!

Silver Threading

Live One Day At a Time by The Dali Lama

Live One Day at a Time and Make it a Masterpiece By the Dali Lama (Image Credit: The Dali Lama) During this busy holiday season, please take time for your family and follow the: A to Zen of Life A- avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits B- believe in yourself and succeed C- … Read more Live One Day At a Time by The Dali Lama

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