Ancient Proverbs Weekly Challenge–The Road

My new friend, Lucile De Godoy, on her blog “Bridging Lacunas,” started a new challenge that is unusual and inviting called, “Ancient Proverbs Weekly Challenge.”  I really like her idea and am joining in on a fun event.  It runs from Sunday through Thursday and you can learn about it here.  I hope to see you there too!


I love Chinese proverbs which worked into my contribution for this week with no problem.

The Road

After I did some research, I found this proverb which spoke to me and my traveling nature.  The image is of the road that I travel each day on my walk in the early morning.

This proverb addresses our fears of trying new things or visiting new places.  I find comfort knowing that someone has traveled the path before me and can help me along the way.  This can have deeper meaning too.  It can also speak to your own troubles and the fact that you are not alone in solving them.  There is always someone who has been through something similar.  If you reach out – help is there.

Thanks for the fabulous visit.  I enjoy your visits immensely and can’t wait to see you all again!

Silver Threading

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