Pixel Prose Challenge–Autumn’s Last Blush

Amanda, from Unique Art Chic sponsors a weekly challenge that evokes so many feelings from me each time I see her work.  Her awe-inspiring photography along with her prose never fails to amaze me!  You must see what she did this week by clicking here.

My contribution this week suggests that even here the polar vortex is spreading fingers of cold downward toward us in the Florida Panhandle.  This week found my Parlor Maple still blooming, while frost painted the roofs sparkly white.

Parlor Maple Autumn

Many thanks to Amanda for sponsoring this fabulous weekly challenge.

Thanks for visiting me on this Sunday.  I always enjoy seeing each and every one of you!

Silver Threading

20 thoughts on “Pixel Prose Challenge–Autumn’s Last Blush”

  1. Colleen, I am humbled and honoured by your lovely comments. Thank you so much for entering each week, I always look forward to seeing your posts.
    Your haiku is magical, nature is definitely the most skilled artist – but you have captured it! 🙂 <3

    • Me too! Oranges have been expensive here lately! I see that by Friday we will be cold as all blazes again. Tuesday it will be 75 degrees F. and we are off to spend a few hours on the beach. We have a deserted stretch we visit. Should be spectacular.


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