Autumn Sea and Sky

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The autumn sea and sky meet at blue-grey swells,

blending one into the other;

while the days and months of the year slowly slip asunder.

Gentle waves lap at the beach washing clean

the white sands of time;

as shore birds chase and play in the ripples of the tide.

November winds blow lightly,

fickle and unpredictable –

holding onto the warmth of sunny summer days.

The bleakness of the winter – the coldness of the surf,

creep within the breakers

cresting on the shore.

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10 thoughts on “Autumn Sea and Sky”

  1. Beautiful, Colleen 🙂

    This past Sunday was my first time stepping on a sandy beach in probably at least 8 years 🙁 I miss it so. My cousin got married and the following day, where they had the brunch, was only 1 block away. I could only stay for about 15 minutes and it was so perfect. Only a few scattered walkers, comfortably cool and sunny, the sun lower at 3:30. Just magnetic. I really didn’t want to leave.

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