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Our Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt from Linda was:

“Element.” Choose one of the four: air/water/earth/fire or use the word “element” however you wish to define it. Enjoy!

I chose to work with the element of fire, as I have been on a poetry streak lately.


rose hoar frost

Flames lick the burning passions of my distrust,

as I gaze at the deep nothingness in your eyes.

Your cold icy stare smolders in the empty recesses of my soul.

I see your hatred, ablaze with desire, a cheap tawdry trick

aimed to once again draw me into the realm of  your darkness.

I feel your cloying breath upon my face –

kisses dripping with an icy resolve

luring me, taunting me, haunting me.

My skepticism lingers, as cold fingers of doubt grip and choke –

clutching at my trembling, rapidly beating heart.

Your cruel game is passionate and intense,

filled with the indifference of a first lover.

My own suspicions were astutely intact,

for my disbelief rang true.

The fires that fueled the intensity of you –

now crumble like white hoar-frost in the winds

of an unwelcoming fate.

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved

(Rose image)

Thanks for checking in with me today.  I enjoy seeing you every time you visit.

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