Photography 101-Playing With Light


Weekend mini-projects from Photography 101:

  • Study light throughout the day. Select one single location or object to which you’ll return to see how the light changes — and how it affects this particular shot. Snap test shots during each session, so you can compare the results.
  • If you don’t want to limit yourself to one location or subject, look for unexpected angles from which to take your images. Take note of how new POVs invite different types of light.

After your shoot, compile up to ten of your favorite shots (or versions of shots), and sprinkle them into your post (or create a gallery). Don’t forget to add captions to your images — describing the weather and shooting conditions, for instance — and tag your post, too.

I really enjoyed photographing this spot in my back yard at the different times to see the moods that light can create.  We call it the “Horse-hole,” because the neighbor’s horses visit there in the natural break in the trees.  The odd-shaped tree does a great job of  framing the spot.

The first image is from the morning just as the sun was rising.  I love the light in the field then.  It is all golden and backlights the tree line making for some spectacular shots.

The second photo was taken exactly at noon.  The light is brighter and shadows formed from the light directly above the trees.

The last image was taken just before dusk while there was still enough light to see.  I like the softness of the image even though the light seems to wash out the color.

It was a lovely day yesterday when I took these photos. It was cool, only in the high 50’s F. The sky was a brilliant blue.  In contrast, today it is grey and cloudy as a storm is moving into Pensacola.

I would like to try this technique in the different seasons of the year as the light from the sun changes, I know the moods in the photos will also change.  This was a fun exercise to try, and as a novice photographer I feel like I learned a bit about lighting and how it changes your images.


Thanks for visiting today.  I can’t wait to see you again!

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