Pixel Prose Challenge–Paths

Lanterne poetry is defined by Poetry Soup (this is a great site to post your poetry too by the way) as:

“A type of poem that has one syllable in the first line, two syllables in the second line, three syllables in the third line, four syllables in the fourth line, and one syllable in the fifth line that related to the first word of the poem.

  • 5 line poem
  • each line has a specific number of syllables
    line 1 = 1 syllable
    line 2 = 2 syllables
    line 3 = 3 syllables
    line 4 = 4 syllables
    line 5 = 1 syllable
  • lines do not rhyme
  • poem is based on one sentence or idea”

I came upon this type of poetry today on the blog called, “Friendly Fairy Tales,” and was enthralled by the simplicity of the words. The idea is for the words to form the shape of a lantern (see below).  I could not get the words placed on the photo in the lantern shape because I wanted the path to be the focal point. I will work on this in the future Smile

Anyway, all I could think of was how perfect this would be for Amanda’s Pixel Prose Challenge!

Paths Lanterne


new doors

from our past

first steps toward


I love the brevity of the words and the shape of the word pattern.  I look forward to playing with this poetry in the future.

I took this photo this morning on my walk and was startled to see that a path seemed to lead into the swamp from the way the trees grew.  Very COOL!  The swamp changes drastically in the winter and I had never seen this view before.

Thanks for checking in on me today.  I always enjoy seeing your smiling face!

Silver Threading


  1. This is very cool! I think I stumbled across this type of poem once but never felt inspired to try it…I’m definitely going to now. Yours is lovely! And great photo

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  2. Hi Colleen, thank you for introducing us to another type of poetry. There seem to be more and more popping up all the time, but I quite like this style. Mind you, I rather think that the words form the shape of a Christmas Tress rather than a lantern, but that could be it’s not long until December is upon us 🙂 Ho, ho, ho… (see, I’m already in the Christmas spirit).


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