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I started my blog journey on March 26, 2014 with not a clue as to where I was headed with my blog.  I knew I wanted to write and share my journey into my retirement years, even though I was not sure how I wanted to do it.  I did not want to be boring for sure!

Nevertheless, I forged ahead learning as I grew in the WordPress Community.  I took blogging classes, writing classes, and photography classes. I read the work of other bloggers.  I participated in challenges and stretched my creativity to new levels.  I began to gain confidence in myself as a writer.  I now had a path I knew I wanted to follow.  I wanted to write.


I love writing.  It seems to free something inside of me.  It brings me great joy.  I was meant to write and gifts should always be used.  If I reach one person with something I have written and it invokes great feeling within them, then I have done my job.

In concert with Dorne, and her blog, Write Dorne, Putting Life Into Words, we have decided that we are going to define our writing goals and ambitions in a weekly blog post.  Both of us are interested in getting some of our work published.  Between us, we thought  that if we make our desires public, we would better support each other in achieving our goals.  If you are inclined to join us feel free and ping back to our posts for additional support.

Here are my goals for this week:

111714 Goals

I am sure you are gasping for air at this point.  What I am trying to do is carve out more time for writing and being creative.  I do not think that 4 hours a day writing and blogging is unreasonable.  I view it like a part-time job.  Just like any job, I find that if I work too hard, my creativity suffers.

This is a start, a jumping off point if you will.  Thanks for letting me share my goals for Silver Threading.  I hope you will come back and visit again Smile

Silver Threading

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37 thoughts on “Goal Setting in a Blog World”

  1. Sounds like an excellent plan. I really like the activities you set for the coming week. Your post definitely prompted me to begin setting goals for my blog. Even though publishing is not on my agenda, I am very interested in the goal setting portion. Thank you for sharing.

  2. The very best of luck to Dorne and you on setting and achieving your goals. I would join you both but I’m taking a break next week and when I get back to the UK, it’s the last day of November. I’ve heard from others that after the first two weeks in December, the blogging world goes very quiet until the first week in January. If that is the case then a rest is on the way for all of us on Planet Blog.

    I think I will set some goals in time for the new year and try my very best to stick to them. I spend far too much time on my blog as it is and other parts of my life have suffered for it, but I do so very much enjoy reading other blogs and, of course, writing and publishing my own posts for my own blog. The most important point is that I enjoy blogging very much.

    My blog will be one years old in February, so maybe blogging will take on a new structure after its first birthday?

    Thank you so much for your continued support and inspiration, Colleen.

    • I know just what you mean Hugh. I have got to set some limits so that I am writing quality pieces. I want to work on my short stories and have them accessible on my blog. I am not looking to publish a book. I would rather stay in the blog world. I just need to spend my time wisely. I did sign up for Writing 201 in December. We have no plans so I will concentrate on my writing then. Thanks for your support. Enjoy your time off and come back refreshed. 🌞🌞🌞

      • Thanks, Colleen. By the time I get back, I’ll be eager to get writing and reading again. If it is as quiet as they say it is in the Blogosphere during December, then quality writing time it will be. Enjoy 201. I read about it today but alas my up coming trip to New York means I won’t be around when it starts. I’ll join it next time if I hear from you that it is a good course to do.

  3. Here you are again, Colleen — setting a good example for the newbies, even though you yourself are one. I find reading other blogs addictive, and there are so many different reasons for reading. But, like you and several others who have commented here, I need to set boundaries.

  4. I began my blog in October with one goal in mind. I wanted to put myself out there as an advocate for children with chronic illnesses and their parents. But it has become so much more than that to me. I have always written by keeping journals, writing poems, etc. Now I am enjoying all of the prompts, reading the beautiful writing here on Word Press, and setting new goals. I would like to join you with your wonderful idea of making realistic goals for my new writing life. Thank you.

  5. After NaBloPoMo is over I am going to definitely re-evaluate how I want to structure my time with writing. I too want to set a schedule for just x amount hours per day. I did sign up for Writing 201 because I want to develop my writing. There is no posting requirement with that one. I will follow your posts and see what you are up to. I do not want to commit to anything yet because I need to think about what I am going to be doing as well.

  6. I cannot curtail myself to four hours daily with the writing and emails. Can’t do it. Maybe after Nano Poblano. I like your public goal-setting, Colleen. Very nice bar-standard.

  7. When you think about it, (depending on how fast you read) two hours isn’t even that much time to spend reading/writing. I spend most of my day, every day doing blog-related stuff, and it’s still not enough time!

  8. I love how you organize your time. This social media stuff is soaking up so much time and we really have to get it into an order. I too see it as work time and I have at least two mornings wich are reservated for that plus, when I have time. I have to schedule my time to write my posts and prepare my quotes or I would get lost since I still have a family of five a household ans of course my practice… and my writing. Like you, writing to me is liberation and an outlet. When I started writing my first book I did it without pressure and never knew if it would ever be published. But I always knew that it will be the greatest therapy ever! Thanks for this post!!!

  9. It is a good idea to write down your goals. I know I need to get better at it.

    Recently I wrote a post about being overwhelmed by blogging so I made a to do list. You can see it on my blog at myunwrittenlife.com.

    Visiting from NaBloPoMo.

  10. I hear you. I had 120 emails this morning! Yipes! Many I remember I had already read, but still! Your goals look great. I, too, have to keep blogging to a minimum (sneaking this in at work right now 🙂 ). When I retire I will have more time for this!

  11. That’s lovely Colleen.
    I know what you mean about writing every day. Left to my own devices I would love to write all day. Even half the day would be good. We all do what we can in the time we have at our disposal, don’t we?
    Good luck with your writing, my partner in goal-reaching writing. I wonder if anyone will join us. x


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