The Swamp Fairy

The Swamp Fairy


2014-11-24 07.13.35

It was a warm morning in November the first time I saw the swamp fairy.  The fog curled around the tops of the trees and the autumn breeze smelled of fragrant flowers, even though the early frost had killed all the wild flowers.  I inhaled the intoxicating fragrance and peered into the dense foliage near the road.  It was a lovely peaceful morning.

I was out for my regular morning walk.  I had taken the narrow back road behind Blackberry Ridge where I lived.  This morning I could hear the chirping of birds, as tiny bugs hatched on the warm autumn wind, buzzed about my head.  I saw something darting about in the underbrush.  At first I thought it was a bird.   Whatever it was it made a pleasant humming sound.  The humming had a mystical quality to it.

My heart started to beat faster as I approached the bushes.  I could barely see her she was so tiny and brown.  She blended right into the dead and frost browned leaves hanging from the branches.  I did try to get a photo. She is there in the picture above, that bit of brown in amongst the branches.


(Image credit: The Swamp Fairy)

Here is a close up image of a swamp fairy.  She is the easiest to see in the autumn, the local people tell me, because the swamp looses the density of the leaves and vines which grow in abundance in the spring and summer months.  I guess they turn color too, depending on the season, for their own protection.

It is good luck if you see one.  The swamp fairies have special powers I am told.  I asked a few of my neighbors if they could tell me more about the little fairies.  Everyone laughed and suggested that I talk to Hilda McFarland, and old widow lady that lives at the end of the road.

2014-11-24 07.19.44

I have to go around the edge of the swamp to get to her house.  I took a photo of the swamp where the fairies live year round so I could share their habitat.

Tomorrow I will go and see Hilda McFarland to find out more about these illusive swamp fairies.

Have you ever seen a fairy?


Thanks for checking in with me today.  I will see again tomorrow and let you know what I find out.

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  1. Close your eyes, let your mind take you back the days of your youth, where the world is not yet explained to you through books of knowledge, there you will find the world of fairies not lost in the author’s of unbelievers books.

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  2. I am trying hard to see the fairy … my eyes gazed up to two brown leaves the one is behind the tree and the one is facing me with green tinge at the bottom and very much want that to be the fairy 🙂
    Looking forward to the continuation of your adventure with Hilda and the Swamp fairies ❤

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    1. Thanks so much. I’ll send you an email in the early part of the week.
      I’ve copied your email address, so if you want, you can edit it out of your reply for safety sake. 🙂

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