Goals For 11/30/14-12/6/14

What a week I had! I am still behind from wrenching my back.  That is the way it is with goals.  Some you are able to fulfill with no problem and then life gets in the way.  What do you do?  Below is an easy way to follow through on your goals:

Goal Insp

(Image credit: Pinterest – Adventures in Guided Journaling)

My goals for last week were:

1. Decide if it is necessary to add any more categories to your menu.  If not, move on and delete this goal.

I decided that I did not want to pursue the categories on the menu.  It seemed to take more time than it was worth and I did not like the look of the menu.  DELETED GOAL.

2.  Submit a poem to a literary journal this week.

I did not reach this goal either.  However, I have written a template letter of submission now that I can use and adapt to my needs.  I will pursue that goal this week.  UNCOMPLETED.

3.  Walk each day and commune with nature.

This goal was shelved for the week. UNCOMPLETED.

4.  Step away from the keyboard this week. With the holiday coming you need some time off.

Sometimes your body tells you this before your mind.  Usually when my back acts up that means I have done too much and need some down time.  Even with the last week of NaBloPoMo which I did complete; I found time to relax and heal. DONE.

5.  Keep working on the 2 hour a day limit on reading and commenting on blog posts.

To some extent I was able to keep to the 2 hours a limit.  Since I was down most of the time, I did go over my time limit.  I will work on meeting this goal.  UNCOMPLETED.

SUMMARY OF THE WEEK:  If you look at the overall completion rate of my goals for this past week you might think that I failed.  I do not see it as a fail, instead I like to think of it as a WIP (work in progress).  Last week is gone.  I just need to forgive myself and move forward.


Goals thru 12.6.14

Thanks for visiting me and seeing what I have been up to.  I did manage to walk the dogs around the block this morning so I am well on the mend.

Silver Threading


  1. Ahhh, my list comes from my wife. The ‘to do’ list, otherwise known as the ‘honey do’ list. 🙂 I was able to clean out our utility closet, hang shelves in there, clean the garage and sell the now empty bird cage this weekend. I didn’t get around to putting the Christmas tree up, but will do so next weekend. Lists work!

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  2. I call them to-do lists. I have them, I keep track, and I even get them done – eventually. Sometimes, my to-do is a box on the shelf behind me that now has whatever I needed to send and is waiting for the address. Which you wouldn’t think would be such a big deal, but I have to pull out the sheet of any-size-you-want-them labels (because of course the box is reused and has shreds of my address on it), and then it will get mailed.

    Yesterday, while son and husband were putting up the Christmas tree and shaking out needles (that should have been shook out at the tree farm) and watching football, I decided it was the perfect time, a cold day, men occupied, to finally do an automatic oven clean. I’ve never had a stove that cleaned itself. It was a process, as they say…. I think I’m writing an essay….

    Anyway, just getting through each day seems, to me, a goal well accomplished.

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  3. I do believe it’s all in your attitude. I’m using your approach when we set goals for the committee that I’m chairing.

    I think your goals are reasonable and evaluating them each week is a logical thing to do.

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  4. If you ever succeed at keeping to 2 hours reading and commenting on blog posts, let me know how you did it! I’m overwhelmed with email new posts! There are times when I automatically delete reblogs to lighten the numbers.

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  5. I like your chart OK, Colleen, but winter is no time to be climbing up on the roof. Especially with a bad back, my friend. Too literal, am I?

    I hope you succeed in goals 1 and 2. Those are writer’s gold. No. 3 is a shared goodie for you and I, too. 🙂

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  6. These are great goals, Colleen. Like you I have decided to spend only two hours a day reading and commenting on blogs now. I was spending way too much time before and ending up with little, if any, time for writing. I’m also giving myself two hours a day to write and then the rest of the day will be spent on getting on with life away from the WordPress.
    Good luck with this weeks goals.

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  7. I’m glad your back is on the mend, Colleen. Congratulations on managing to finish NaBloPoMo, despite back troubles. It’s so hard to balance maintaining a blog with maintaining a life, isn’t it? I keep swinging from one extreme to the other.


  8. I have the bad back too, the only bad gene my mom passed on to me, no complaining, she gave me quite a load of good genetics. Good luck at your list, I set up my goal of doing something unusual each day, till Christmas, that should get my thinking cap and my motivation cap moving along this month.


    1. I have one muscle that just goes crazy. I had injections of cortizone in it a few years ago. Went away for 3 years. I might have to resort to that again. Glad to hear your list is going well and working for you. That is what it is all about. Motivation 🙂


  9. This is brilliant Colleen and I’m glad your back is on the mend. I still haven’t finished painting my wall from when I did my back in, the other week. I keep looking at it and my back twinges! LOL! We take our backs for granted…until they don’t play ball. x

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