One Word Photo Challenge–PINE


Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo challenge this week made me happy because it is still green here in Florida and I can come up with pictures of the color “pine.” Woo Hoo!


Here are a few pictures of “real” Montana Pine trees.  Notice the color.  It is not a deep dark green that we always associate with our Christmas Trees.



I think the green leaves along the tree line in my back yard are closer to a “pine” color.

2014-08-19 10.39.37

2014-06-23 11.20.41

I love the deep, rich colors of green and the pine color is one of my favorites!

Thanks for stopping by to visit today.  I enjoy seeing you all!

Silver Threading


  1. Pine trees of any species are my favorite tree! They stay green all year, smell good and are hardy troopers during a drought. Got 5 redwoods in my backyard that are over 100 feet tall, that I got as seedlings from the California State Fair years ago! Love all your green pics (green is my fav color) 🙂

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    1. I knew you would laugh at my Florida comment! I am worried your color would be white! No white here except for the beach sand… that works! I am so glad that I lived in Montana and have some of those shots to share with everyone. ❤


      1. I purposely didn’t look at the time of year or any outside factors when I set the colors. So any color that just happens to work out really well with the season (or not so season) is just pure luck.

        No white here, even the sand on this side is pretty beige. I do miss those white beaches.

        Maybe I’ll be able to make it up to Ohio (to visit my parents) while it’s still snowing to get some pictures- don’t believe I have any snow in my archives just yet.

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