Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge–Walkies


Sugar and Spice wanted to check in this week with everyone and see how they are faring.  Both of the girls were quite fed up with me as I was unable to walk them every morning for about a week because I had wrenched by back.  All better now.  I was really getting some awful looks from the hairy children.

Pure doggie bliss came on Monday morning when I could walk them again:

2014-11-26 07.13.21

Spice in the back and Sugar in the front – All harnessed up and ready to go walkies!

Now  “walkies,” is a real thing.  When I lived in England long ago in the 1980’s, there was a show on the BBC by Barbara Woodhouse, a dog trainer.  She would say, “Walkies,” to the dogs and they would obediently follow her about.

In fact, here is an article about her.  Apparently her dog training methods have proven to not be the best.  I still like the phrase though.

Thanks for popping in to see the girls, and for a bit of my British trivia from when I lived abroad,

Silver Threading

30 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge–Walkies

  1. Lovely. I hope you feel better now. We (mind you, I’m not British but I’ve lived here long enough) say that something has gone ‘walkies’ when it has disappeared (the implication many times is that somebody might have taken it but…).
    Love to Sugar and Spice.

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  2. I’m glad to hear your back is better, Colleen and that Sugar and Spice have forgiven you.

    Toby knows the word “walkies” as well. I only have go say “walkies” and he runs to the front door eager for me to put on his lead and take him out.

    I remember Barbara Woodhouse so well. She was often quite rude to the people she was helping train their dogs, but the training always worked. In those days she also referred to everyone as Mr and Mrs whatever rather than calling them by their first names. The programme was called “Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way” and she always wore rather frumpy jumpers on the show.

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  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better Colleen.
    Gosh, you’ve taken me back. I remember Barbara Woodhouse as well…but the nightmares are gone now! LOL. She was terrifying…for all concerned.
    Way scarier than Dr Who.
    Your furry kids are gorgeous…give them a hug for me.
    I do hope that you’re the pack leader? LOL! 🐕😉

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    1. Thanks Dorne. Barbara was a scary soul. The things I remember from living in England! LOL. Sugar and Spice send you kisses too. I am the alpha female most of the time. Spice likes to get the last word ** bark! ❤


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