Pixel Prose Challenge-Our Driftwood Christmas Tree

Amanda, of Unique Art Chic, has a weekly challenge where we can feature our own poetry and photography.  This week, I wanted to share my unique Christmas Tree made from driftwood.  The picture on the left is the Chesebro family name history.  The picture on the right is my brother-in-law, my father-in-law, and my husband, who at the time all worked for McDonald Douglas in Long Beach, California many years ago.  The driftwood tree represents our family.

Christmas tree

Our Florida Christmas Driftwood Tree

d d d

This tree represents our family –

plummeted about in the rough seas of life,

spread out – yet still strong.

Holding the sounds of the Gulf in its tumbled wood limbs,

echoing our children and grand-children,

all the while scattered like the sea shells

tumbled upon the beach.

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved www.silverthreading.com

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    1. I never had either, but this being Florida, all is possible. I instantly liked it because it was so unusual. It is a work of art all on its own. As a family, we are so spread out all over the world… some kids talk to us, some don’t. The words just came to me. ❤


    1. We are so spread out all over the world, us and the kids. We have two kids that do not communicate anymore. People change. I loved Christmas when the kids were home still. Now, it is not the same. Oh well. Ron and I are happy without all the fuss too. I usually keep myself busy so not to dwell too much on the things that I cannot change. ❤

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      1. I could’t agree more that people change, Colleen. I lost contact with my father for nearly thirty years and then, last March, we met up again. I’ve seen him three times since then, I’m so glad we are back in touch now.

        On the other hand, I’ve lost touch with my Mother and Step-Father for various reasons. I wrote a post about her and my Grandmother, who I worshipped, on Dorne’s blog. I miss my Grandmother very much even though she passed on over 20 years ago.

        As for Ron and you (and Sugar and Spice), you all have each other and I know that you generate much love to each other. It’s so wonderful to have somebody in your life that you care for and love so much that it does not matter about holidays such as Christmas. So long as you have each other then nothing can be stronger than the love between you.

        Take good care of each other and you’ll be absolutly fine. ❤


        1. That is just the most lovely post I have ever received. Thank you for that. I must say John is a lucky man to have you in his life. You know, with 5 kids, and 5 grand kids, in our – yours, mine and ours family there was always lots of love to go around. When the kids got married and moved away there suddenly was another person in the mix – spouses are always interesting in families. Unfortunately, we have tried with our kids till we just can’t anymore. We all are who we are. Ron and I have always taken care of each other – through thick and thin. We enjoy the love and friendship that we have. Thank you for your friendship Hugh. It is nice to see someone understands that Christmas is not that important to us. Being together, Ron and I, is the most important thing. ❤

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