Autumn’s Last Gasp

2014-12-07 07.46.50

Autumn breathes the last gasps of the season,

as leaves of brown and gold drift from the treetops –

a blanket of decaying warmth.

Grey skies steal the color from the day,

mourning the end of another time of year.

The darkness envelopes and caresses

lulling the earth to sleep,

held in the cradle of the slough.

Winter awaits.

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved

Thanks for stopping by to see me today. I always enjoy our visits.

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  1. Wow your poem so captures the walk in the wood taken today with my grand daughter Kate as we too looked for fairies after reading your lovely story last week , we took some pictures and Kate caught a lot of twinkles on camera as she put it.

    Kind Regards Kathy.

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  2. Lovely piece ! Reminded me that I planned an autumn wedding, with all the typical colors, trying to match my favorite landscape. One week before the day, a wind and ice storm took every leaf away. I was left with the ugly greys and browns of naked trees. Go figure. (But our marriage has lasted over 40 years, so..there is that.) ☺


  3. Lovely poem, Colleen. I took some great photos of a beautiful winter’s morning here in Hove this morning while out walking Toby. I’ll be posting them tomorrow. I just love it when the sky is clear and bright on a winter’s day instead of dull and grey.
    Wishing you lots of clear, crisp, bright winters days.


    1. Thank you Hugh. Our wonderful warm weather of last week is gone now. We are back at 50 degrees F. again for our daytime high temperatures. Spice was shivering when we did our walk this morning… it was clear and cold with a north wind blowing! Blows all the cobwebs from my brain 🙂

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