How Silver Gets Her Groove Back!

Kat, over at the fabulous blog called, “Dandelion Fuzz,” has a weekly challenge called: Kat Got Your Tongue, where she gives us a prompt to write about each week.


This week the prompt is “FOCUS.”  How do you stay focused?

I had to jump into this challenge because I have been stressing about all the emails from blogs I love, and posting, and I have 3 awards to answer, and… and… and… I want to write!  I tried to spend only two hours a day answering emails and reading other blogs.  However, I find that does not work either!

I have decided that I will start taking Thursday and Friday off from my blog to begin work on a book I have been mulling over.  I was worried about keeping people interested in my blog for those days that I was gone and then it hit me!

2014-12-11 09.18.48

I was shocked that I had not thought of this earlier.  I do not have to treat my blog like a journal, where I only post when something occurs to me.  Instead, much of my poetry and such can be scheduled to cover the days that I take off.

That is how I am going to get my focus back!  Scheduling my posts is a great solution to reducing my stress.  Now, I have time to write on Thursdays and Fridays.  After I have sifted through the hundreds of emails…

Thanks for visiting me today.  I am glad I caught up with you!

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36 thoughts on “How Silver Gets Her Groove Back!”

  1. I think that is a great idea, Colleen. In fact, I did the same thing while I was in New York, although I did have a sneak peek at the blog on the iPad. I don’t know what it is about blogging that is so addictive and keeps you wanting to come back again and again. My guess is it’s the love of reading and writing 🙂

    “Reading and writing are the blood in my veins
    Without them flowing, I would not be”

    • I have decided that the reason we keep coming back is that we need the feedback from other writers. I never think my work is good enough and then I am shocked when people actually read it and enjoy it. That is the hook. I am trying to write the Swamp Fairy as a book and a blog post so that both will be a little different. I decided to pursue this story… it just keeps pouring out of me. I think the best way to post on a regular basis is to schedule. Thanks for always being there for me. 😀

      • I look forward to reading the book when it is finished, Colleen. Once you have an idea inside of you and the words keep pouring out, then you must go for it.

        I suppose the other factor I did not mention in my earlier comment, is that it’s the blogging community here that also keeps us coming back. It’s like living in a little village called Bloggingville and we come on here to meet up, read, comment and chat. Thank goodness for the internet.

  2. I think that if you have the posts written, scheduling is great! I try to do Kat Got Your Tongue over the weekend. So far, it’s worked except for this past week when I changed it at least 3 times before settling on focus.

    I think the key is to write when you can and have those posts ready to go.

    I have to admit that I’m the tiniest bit relieved that I’m not the only one who struggles with these things!

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge! 🙂

  3. Good point about blog time management. I have discovered that scheduling is great for my daily Christmas music posts. It’s much easier if I can can keep several days ahead, and then I can do other things without worrying about regular posts.

  4. I share your dilemma, Colleen. I have started scheduling my daily Advent post…otherwise it would be posted too late.
    I also struggle with reading, commenting on and liking posts. I do my best, in the time available to me.
    But, I love every minute of it. 😉

  5. Awesome! I also read that your have 3 awards to answer! I faced the same “happy” dilemma.
    Wrote a blog about it “Award, Award, Award…Three’s a Charm.” In the post I explained why I was declaring the site award-free after three. But, I still got another one. So another blog post “Liebster Blog Award….Showcase Edition.” It was only to honor the young, talented nominator and to nominate only one young talented blog friend. (both lived in other countries). There was quite a discussion that followed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved getting awards! However, the work involved in accepting them was stressful, and “took away from my writing.” I had to practice what I preach and give to myself and my passion…writing! I’m just saying you can think about stopping to accept after a comfortable, specific number of them!

  6. I’m still caught up in the never ending email war…to read or not to read…to delete or not delete! Since I publish only one or two times a week, I’m not concerned whether followers will loose interest if I don’t schedule daily posts. That’s too much stress. I find when I post, followers respond, even if it’s just a like, and that’s good enough for me. What is more important is writing, and that’s what I heard from you too. A writer friend told me she could not keep up a blog and keep up with writing her book! So, true! I’m writing three books now (coauthoring two) and if I don’t compromise on how I maintain my blog, I’ll never get to my goal to write! You are one blog friend that I faithfully follow! I love reading your Swamp Fairy story and look forward to more of it! Keep writing Colleen!

  7. I have felt the same way. That if I start skipping days that people would lose interest in my blog. My focus piece was on a similar theme 🙂 Not getting so involved with the blog reading. There have been times where I was ahead and had my pieces ready. Lately I can sometimes get something ready for publishing the next day. I think it is a good idea to have things ready to go ahead of time. I would probably have to devote a day to writing posts to be ready for later use. The quotes are a bit easier to prepare but again I would have to take a day to get stuff prepared.

  8. I am so glad to have the option of scheduling my posts. That way I can keep up my postings even when I am on vacation. On the other hand it is a lot of work prior to the absence… But I don’t want to miss that option!


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