I am not into the color “yellow,” so I honestly could not think of what I could possibly photograph that was yellow for The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.  I realized it was right before my eyes!  Sorry folks, this is as yellow as I get!

2014-12-14 16.50.08

This is the Pub table off our family room.  This is a great spot to sit and sip a glass of wine and chat.  The lights above cast a yellow glow to the room.

2014-12-14 16.49.42

I concentrated on the lights because of the color, and also because we had purchased these light bulbs that are painted like stained-glass and put then in this fixture.  The patterns and reflections from the bulbs onto the yellowish globes are quite spectacular in color.


Here is a close up of the pattern that the bulb spreads onto the globe.

If none of these images work… then you will have to enjoy some daisies from my garden this summer instead.  Merry Christmas everyone!

2014-07-05 10.02.03

Thanks for popping in to chat.  I enjoy seeing you every time you visit.

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