The Swamp Fairy–The Winter Celebration

I did not know what to think after I got the invitation from the Swamp Fairy requesting my appearance at the fairy ring in my backyard at the exact moment of the Winter Solstice.  I could not believe my eyes, yet the invitation and the fairy ring were still there glittering in my backyard hours after the initial appearance.

Solstice invitation

It had been an emotionally exhausting week.  First, I had the dream of Fairy Swamp as it had been in the beginning of time.  I was still trying to grasp the significance of that special dream.  I can still remember the peaceful feeling of the fairy community all around me, enfolding me within their collective consciousness.  This morning, I found the invitation summoning me to the fairy ring at 5:03 P.M., the exact moment of the Winter Solstice here in Pensacola, Florida.

Here it was, 5:00 P.M.  I told my dear husband, Bronze to stay in the house with the dogs, Sugar and Spice.  That way I would be able to give my undivided attention to the main event – the Swamp Fairy.

The seconds ticked away and suddenly there she was, hovering over the fairy ring.  A fine mist was in the air, and the clouds were dark and heavy.

swamp fairy 2

She spoke to me in that peculiar way she had of speaking inside my head.  I stood there – transfixed, just staring.

Silver Threading,” said the fairy.  “I am here to teach you about the Winter Solstice and how we swamp fairies are the stewards of our land, Fairy Swamp.”

The Swamp Fairy continued,

“Long ago at the beginning of time itself, we fairies followed the changes of the moon.  Each month we would measure the length of the days by the path of the full moon and of the new moon.  Twice a year, we reveled in the solstice – once in the summer with the longest day and the shortest night, and then again in the winter, with the shortest day and longest night.”

“The solstices were our celebrations to the sun to keep it rising and setting in the sky each day and night for all eternity.  The Winter Solstice meant that the sun would come back to us making our days longer and bringing warmth.  Such was the circle of our existence, year in and year out.  The swamps flourished and the animals grew fat and multiplied.  The swamp was peaceful and happy.”

“This year is a special year.  The New Moon and the Winter Solstice coincide on the same day signifying great changes ahead for our fairy realm.  It is the time that we must let go of the old ways and welcome the new ways into our realm.  You are responsible for that.  You will bring change to the Swamp Fairies.  Your writings of the Swamp Fairy stories will help bring about a great new change for humans and fairies alike.”

The Swamp Fairy then motioned for me to come closer to her.  She said,

“Take the Florida saw grasses that grow near Fairy Swamp and burn them cleansing your spirit in the smoky haze.  Light candles of red, green, gold, and silver placed at the four corners of the earth.  Green to the North to represent Earth, gold in the East to represent Air, red symbolizing Fire in the South, and silver to the West in association with Water.  Draw a circle in the dirt at your feet.  This signified the completion of another year. Step inside and let go of all past misunderstandings. Breathe in the new air and release the old air.  This is a time of new beginnings. Be thankful!”

I ran inside the house and came outside with the candles. I lit them, each according to the directions of North, East, South, and West.  I made the circle in the dirt and lined it with rocks.  I placed the Florida saw grass within the circle.  Once I had a small fire going, I cleansed all the negative thoughts from my mind.  I let them go to drift on the smoke from the fire.

solstice circle     (Image credit: Winter Solstice)

candles for winter solstice

(Image credit: Candles for the Winter Solstice)

I felt an amazing peace descend all around me.  Fantastic images appeared before my eyes of all the things I had to be thankful for.  I saw my loving husband Bronze, our children and grandchildren; even Sugar and Spice. There was Fairy Swamp, Miss Hilda, and the Swamp Fairy glowing in misty images.  Friends and family, they were all there.  I saw  all the good in the world and I also saw the bad things.  Somewhere in the middle it all melted together and a beautiful sunset of the Winter Solstice materialized before me.


(Image credit: Winter Solstice Sunset: Pensacola Beach)

I felt tears of joy on my cheeks.  I reached up and touched them as the image of the sunset faded before my eyes.  I looked around and the Swamp Fairy and the fairy ring were gone.  I was alone in my backyard.  I doused the fire and cleaned up the area where I had been cleansed.  I felt renewed, and hope surged in my veins.  I was ready for new beginnings.

Thanks for stopping by to see what the Winter Solstice was all about.  You can find the Swamp Fairy stories on my menu or click here to follow the stories.

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