Stream of Consciousness Saturday–”Consume”

Happy Holidays everyone.  I know for a fact that the word for Linda’s SoCS prompt was right on for me.  In fact, I would have to say that I over consumed!  It is my own fault.  I have a terrible sweet tooth which ends up being my downfall every time I over indulge.  The mint chocolate chip walnut cookies, and the coconut chocolate chip cookies, both my husband’s favorites really hit the spot this year… on my hips!  What can I say?  Weight Watchers is my friend. ❤

The holidays seem to allow this over consumption of food.  We give ourselves permission to enjoy that cake, or this pie, or that special drink.  I have also noticed that since we did not have any company this year (children, grandchildren, friends) we tended to focus more on splurging for our holiday feast.

2014-12-25 14.09.24                           2014-12-25 14.15.11

Porterhouse steak, halibut (fresh caught from the Gulf of Mexico and purchased from Joe Patty’s Famous Seafood Store), and steamed shrimp with a wonderful healthy salad made up our main course.  It was a wonderful afternoon here in Pensacola, Florida for a barbecue and we enjoyed it immensely.  We sat outside in the sun on our patio and had a few drinks.

2014-12-25 14.21.53

I enjoyed my Grey Goose “Pear” Vodka with Fresca.  This was my indulgent present from my sweet husband, Ron.  No, I did not drink all of this in one day.  Instead, I relished a couple of drinks each day.  If you ever get the chance to try this vodka, do!  It is spectacular.

2014-12-25 13.30.03

It did not take long, but there in the horse hole was our neighbor horse, begging for carrots.  I let them consume quite a few carrots because it was Christmas.  I think the smell of the barbecue really drew them.

2014-12-25 14.04.29

The cardinals and mocking birds that live in the tree line behind our house seemed to be in the mood to consume the Yaupon holly berries that were framed by the lovely blue sky of our Christmas Day.

We had a fabulous Christmas.  Low-key, quiet, and enjoyable with lots of ‘consuming’ taking place.  How was your Christmas?

Thank you for stopping by to visit.  I really enjoyed sharing our Christmas with you.

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