Stream of consciousness Saturday–“scene”

I am in the process of writing my first book.  Currently, I am still in the planning stage waiting for my thoughts to come together before I proceed.  I have discovered a couple of secrets to my madness.  I have to take my time.  I am not in a race to publish a book.  I … Read more Stream of consciousness Saturday–“scene”

The Clinic–photo rehab #5: Fog in fairy swamp

Fairy Swamp in the fog is mysterious with shadows at every turn.  I love the way the fog curls around the bare trees. Many thanks to Lucile De Godoy and her photo rehab challenge for letting me share my part of the world. Thanks for popping in to see what I have been up to.  … Read more The Clinic–photo rehab #5: Fog in fairy swamp

Into the Depths

Welcome to Pensacola Beach, Florida where the white sand seems to stretch on into infinity.  The turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico beckon to you, inviting you in for a quick swim.  The beach and the ocean are alluring, while the rhythm of the waves gently lapping the shore mesmerize and entice you.  In … Read more Into the Depths

RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #29 Fret&Chill

After a stupendous day yesterday with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees F., today a cold front blew into Pensacola, Florida with a vengeance.  I suppose it is payback for yesterday’s glorious temperatures.  Sugar and Spice, the Pomeranian sisters, have spring fever, and they are true Floridians now… they do not appreciate January’s winds blowing them … Read more RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #29 Fret&Chill


(Image credit: The Write Lifestyle) Overwhelming Grand Breathtaking Tremendous Awe-inspiring Astounding Humbling Can you think of any other words to use in place of AWESOME? Come by and visit whenever you have the chance.  I enjoy seeing all of you!

Writer’s Quote Wednesday, Theodore Roosevelt, 2015-5

Welcome!  This is an open invitation to join in on my blogging event called, Writer’s Quote Wednesday.  This is your chance to highlight your favorite author’s quotes that give inspiration to you as a writer.  By sharing your quotes, we will all gain insight and inspiration to propel us forward in our writing careers. Be … Read more Writer’s Quote Wednesday, Theodore Roosevelt, 2015-5

Writer’s Quote Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up

Welcome to the WRITER’S QUOTE WEDNESDAY Weekly Wrap-Up where I like to share our writer’s photographic and writing talent by making up their own quotes, or sharing quotes from their favorite authors. Please do not link to this post.  Link to the new prompt on Wednesday, January 28, 2015. Do you have a quote that … Read more Writer’s Quote Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up

One Word Photo Challenge–Beige

Jennifer Nichole Wells Challenge color for this week is beige, one of my favorite colors to work with as a base color to add other colors to.  Find the rules to her challenge here. Muted shades of beige are found all over Fairy Swamp in the winter. The wild sea grasses on the beach are … Read more One Word Photo Challenge–Beige

Write Start Craft Essays and Contest: 75 Word Openings

This looks fabulous!

Mindful Monday–Positive Thinking

Time sure flies when you are having fun!  It is Monday, January 26, and my fourth week of 2015 sharing my views on becoming more ‘mindful’.  This encompasses the act of being watchful, aware, wary, heedful, alert, careful, or attentive, in whatever area in my life I feel it applies to.  So far, this month … Read more Mindful Monday–Positive Thinking

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