A “New” Beginning for Fairy Swamp

2015-01-02 07.50.20

In the grey light of morning, Fairy Swamp readies for the new year with minuscule water reserves – the life blood of the swamp.  Green leaves poke out from branches nourished from the winter rains.  Trees glare with a whiteness, as their ghostly images reflect in the calm standing pools of water.

2015-01-02 07.50.12

Green kudzu vines nurtured from the rains rally and begin their climb upward into the trees.  Pale green algae clings to the surface of the shallow water, while small finches play about in the tops of the trees.  The wind blows through the slough rustling the brown leaves on the ground creating a mournful hollow sound.

2015-01-02 07.51.17

Fairy Swamp is in a period of renewal.  It is a new beginning, where the old and withered dies back and disappears, adding another layer from which new life will spring forth for the fairy community that lives there.  The opportunities are endless!

To follow the stories of the Swamp Fairy, find them on my main menu or click here to read the latest story thread where you can work backwards to each story.

Thank you to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for the prompt of “new.”  We are in the depths of winter here in Pensacola, Florida and I am looking forward to the warmth reappearing soon.

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27 thoughts on “A “New” Beginning for Fairy Swamp”

  1. Beautiful description of the swamp and its life cycle. I like the way you set the stage for telling the story of the Swamp Fairy community. Your pictures are great. Your swamp reminds me of watery places in the Mississippi Delta when I was a teen-ager.

    1. Thank you. I love the beauty of northwest Florida. The rest of the state is so different from here. Fairy Swamp is small and really a slough but it has a haunting quality to it. 💖

  2. Love your swamp photos. We are thinking about travelling to Floriday next year (2016). Because I’d love to take a tour through the Everglades!

  3. these photos are so Fairy Swamp. It reminds me of all those books i have read, in the past, that had such places as a hidden glade or grove for the heroine and her mystery lover/beau.. Been a sucker for a great Mills and Boon ish type story with a historical theme. A very contented year Collen

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