Stream of Consciousness Saturday–“Transcendence”

I love the energy that Linda’s SoCS brings to my writing.  I am always amazed at what flows from me during this stream of consciousness writing time period.  The prompt for this week was “t.” Linda said to think of a word that starts with it or includes it, and write away!  Click the badge to learn more about Stream of Consciousness Saturday.



To exist as part of the material world

living in the ethereal reaches of the sky,

I rise above the mundane nuances of this life.

Drifting on a spiritual realm of cloud and smoke,

time has no place or meaning.

Subsistence is found in the meditation of the mind

and the slowed beating of the heart.

Senses aflame with the kindred knowledge of the ancients,

transcendence is swift and sure.

Peace and harmony flow as in a gentle rain,

while thoughts refrain

show traces of a glowing ember –

the energy of the soul.


(Image credit: Pineal Paradise)

2015 © Copyright-All rights reserved

Thanks to Linda for hosting SoCS, where cluttered minds can pause and pull their thoughts together.

Thank you for checking in on me today.  The winds are up, causing rip-currents in the Gulf of Mexico, as a storm moves into Pensacola, Florida hopefully bringing us much needed rain.

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20 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday–“Transcendence””

  1. Transcendence is the appropriate word. In my opinion, it happens when we aware of something. First, consciousness comes. Then awareness comes when one can drop the subjectivity and objectivity. What is left is the action with full awareness.

    Happy to read your thoughts as always.
    Jade the Mystic


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