The Swamp Fairy–“Fairy Houses”

After the Winter Solstice celebration, life seemed to settle down through the end of the year. That was fine by me. I had plenty to ponder and wonder about concerning the events that transpired with the Swamp Fairy the end of 2014.  Now we were at the beginning of a new year. In my mind, I have been going over just what I knew about the Swamp Fairy. There were certain things I knew about her and the fairy realm, and I wanted to make sure I understood all there was to know so far.

swamp fairy 2

The Swamp Fairy

For instance, in my original research I found out that it was good luck to see a swamp fairy.  They turn color too, depending on the season, for their own protection, which makes good sense for survival. In addition, they have special powers. I witnessed some of the Swamp Fairies’ powers through the powerful dreams that I have been having, which seem to include visions she sends to me in a telepathic form of communication. That does not even begin to include the images that the Swamp Fairy shares with me whenever we meet. Yes, I have had an exciting time of it.

My friend, Miss Hilda, who was the proclaimed swamp fairy expert in Pensacola, Florida, shared these facts with me:

“The swamp fairies live in the trunk of a tree or in hollow trees high up because of the water that accumulates in the swamps. Sometimes you can see the swamp fairy houses in nature.  If you see a tiny opening leading into a hole in a tree, or a little hidden pathway into the hollow of a tree trunk that just could be the home of a swamp fairy.

Swamp fairies eat berries, swamp cabbages, and fruits in the autumn to fill their pantry for the harsh winter in the swamp.  Swamp fairies take care of the little animals in the swamp.  They help them if they are hurt or if they cannot find food in winter. Sometimes swamp fairies can be mistaken for a brown leaf in autumn. 

In the summer, the fairies look like a fancy multicolored dragonfly and if caught by an eagle, an owl, or a fox they could perish.  However, when the animals discover what they caught is really a swamp fairy and not a dragonfly or a leaf, they let the swamp fairy go and apologize for any harm they may have caused.

Swamp fairies live as long as 300 years.  When a male swamp fairy marries, he does it for love, something that only happens once in a lifetime.  The female swamp fairy chooses the male swamp fairy.  They have families and live quite lives in the swamp.

If a swamp fairy reveals themselves to humans, it is because the human is open to the possibilities of life and not afraid to believe in magic.  It also means they might need your help.”

Hilda McFarland

Miss Hilda

Miss Hilda had been seeing the fairies since she was a little girl, she told me. She always helped them with the availability of fresh water and fresh fruits and vegetables, which she placed in her backyard for them to retrieve. I believe the fairies felt comfortable with her and appreciated her benevolence toward them. Miss Hilda always took care to make sure there were no strange wild animals lurking about her yard that could cause harm to them.

Living behind Fairy Swamp has had some real advantages for Miss Hilda. Her gardens were spectacular, as if the fairies themselves tended to her flowers and trees. Birds of every variety and color flashed in the trees in Miss Hilda’s garden. She was truly blessed by the beauty of her small sanctuary.

2014-08-21 09.50.37

I had wondered why the fairies contacted me to write their stories when they had Miss Hilda taking care of them from the start. It was then that Miss Hilda revealed to me that she could not write because she had come from Germany many years ago and never went to school here in America.  So, Miss Hilda and I formed an alliance when it came to the Swamp Fairy.  She and I were a team.  Without her, I could never decipher the dreams and experiences I have.

On top of all that, I still was having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that the swamp fairy had chosen me long ago to write their stories. How long ago, I wondered. We had moved back to Florida in April of 2013 after many years living out west. How could this all be?

I went to sleep last night with all these thoughts muddled in my brain. It was a warm, humid night and I tossed and turned. Near dawn, I awoke with the sheet twisted around my waist and my blankets in a bundle.

I had another dream!


I was in the swamp again. The humidity dripped from the leaves of the trees and drifted in a foggy grey mist throughout the slough. I felt the coolness of dusk settle like a mantle around my shoulders. I shivered, and looked around trying to get my bearings. The moist air was hard to breathe in it was so heavy.

I heard a pleasant humming sound and recognized the presence of the swamp fairies. As I peered into the darkness of the gloom, I saw tiny blinking lights moving all around the swamp. It was then I realized that lightening bugs clustered near the bases of the trees. The tall Live Oak trees had hollow areas at the base of the trunks, and I could see a glow coming from inside each tree.


Image credit: Fairy Tree Entrances

I knew I was seeing fairy swamp from long ago, because the swamp was much larger than it was now, denser and thicker. As the humming grew louder, I could see some of the fairies sitting on large oak leaves that were drifting on top of the water that covered the majority of the swamp. They drifted toward the hollow openings in the tree trunks.  The leaves looked like little boats bobbing in the dark water.

I looked inside some of the tree holes and could see vines intertwined in the hollow of the tree trucks. Fairies were flying around the vines landing on the leaves as if they were miniature ladders. The fairies were more of a green color this time, so I knew that I was seeing a scene in spring. The lightening bugs seemed to be the fairy lights that lit their way into the trees.


Image Credit: Fairy Houses by Deviant Art

At the top of the trees were more fairy light lightening bugs that milled about, some even landing on the leaves to rest, their tiny lights blinking on and off shedding light on the fairy realm far below. Brilliant dragonflies in the colors of precious jewels drifted about in the gentle breeze blowing through the swamp.

The dankness of the mire beneath my feet had an earthy decayed smell to it. I could hear tiny splashes in the water as the fairies disembarked from the Live Oak leaves and drifted upwards into the trees. Fruits and berries were hauled up those vines one by one.  It must be the end of the day for the fairies, I thought.

From what I was seeing, Fairy Swamp was a thriving community. There were some fairies that were tee-tiny, and others that were much larger. They seemed to be everywhere.  I could not tell their ages because all of them looked young, the only difference being in their height. All the female fairies appeared to wear leaves and branches woven into their hair. The same went for their clothing. Leaves of many shades of green adorned their tiny bodies. Tiny vines encircled their waists, while some fairies had tiny blue bells in their hair. The men wore tiny brown or green caps that looked like they came from the tops of the acorns from the Live Oak trees. They had miniature beards and rosy cheeks.  They too, were dressed in leaves.

I was breathless watching the community of fairies interact within their homes in the swamp. Everyone was busy, much like bees tending to a hive. I felt that peaceful sense of belonging whenever I was in their presence. The fairies never seemed to notice me, which made me think that I was gazing into the past undetected by their current lives.  In other words, the Swamp Fairy was giving me one of her visions.

As the sun set behind the swamp, the twinkling fairy lights grew brighter and then slowly began to wink out. The end of the day was near for the fairy realm. It seemed even lightening bugs needed sleep. I yawned, stretched, and smelled the fragrance of lavender, patchouli, and sandalwood. I knew the Swamp Fairy was near.

“Good night Silver,” she whispered in my ear.

The next thing I knew, I was back in my bed, and Bronze was telling me it was time to get up.

Thanks for letting me share my stories of the Swamp Fairy.  I look forward to seeing you all again!


Silver Threading, The Fairy Story Keeper

31 thoughts on “The Swamp Fairy–“Fairy Houses”

  1. Oh my god, Colleen, you are always leaving me with goose bumps with your beautiful fairy stories. What a gift for you AND Hilda that you met. I understand her being afraid of writing in English. I would not dare to publish an English book as well without having professional translators at hands. Your dream is … an dream. It must have been pure excitement and peace at the same time during your dream.


  2. This is so well written, Colleen. The imagination you have put into this story is amazing. I am totally hooked by it, as will be anybody who reads it. You really do have something very special here and I’m so glad that I was one of the first to hear and read the story of the Swamp Fairy.

    I can’t wait to hear more, as well as order my copy of the book which, I hope, you will autograph for me.


    1. Hugh I have missed you so much the last week. Thank you. Of course, I would autograph a book. I am just beginning right now, but feel like I have a plan. Once it is written I will have you read it and tell me (truthfully) what you think. I love writing about the fairy world, so we will see how it all goes. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I took a bit of a break over the holiday period, what with Christmas, New Year and a Birthday to encounter, but I’m back on Planet Blog now and in full swing with writing and reading.

        I’d be delighted to read the finished book for you, Colleen. I’ve really enjoyed reading the story on your blog and certainly am looking forward to reading much more about the Fairy Swamp. You’ve certainly got me hooked and I can honestly see this story making a wonderful appearance on TV over the Christmas season in a few years time.

        Liked by 1 person

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