Florida COLD

petchallenge     Hope-the Happy Hugger, sponsors Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge each week.  Join in the fun!  How does your pet or animals in your area cope with extreme temperatures (hot or cold)?

Sugar and Spice are fed up with the cold!  Last night, cold north winds barreled into Pensacola, FL with a ferocious intensity!  For awhile there, I though I would have to go outside with the dogs on leashes so they would not get blown away in the wind.  The girls have one way of dealing with the cold and that is to cuddle.

2015-01-05 18.04.33

Ron and his recliner is always a favorite choice.  The girls fight over who gets to sit where.

2015-01-07 18.32.11

Spice likes to wedge herself beside Ron and instantly falls asleep!

2015-01-07 18.31.20

Sugar tends to find me on the couch while she grabs as much blanket as possible.

Pomeranians have two coats of fur, which serves them well in the cold, northern parts of the world.  The additional coat keeps them dry and adds extra insulation.  They are often called miniature Spitz.  The AKC website reports that this breed came from Pomerania which is now part of Germany and Poland.  In their earliest days, the dogs weighed close to 30 pounds.  They assisted in the herding of sheep.

Around 1870, the English Kennel Club recognized the breed, Spitz.  By 1888, Queen Victoria found the breed in Florence, Italy and instantly was charmed by the personality of the small dogs.  Once in England, the breed became popular.  The dogs tend to resemble little foxes.


Spice and Sugar with normal coats of fur when we lived in Montana.

We keep Sugar and Spice’s fur trimmed short because the hot Florida climate is usually too much for them with all that fur.  Unfortunately, when it is cold like today, I am sure they wish they had it back.

Thanks for checking in on us this cold frigid morning.  It was 19 degrees F., with a wind chill of 9 degrees F.  Mighty cold for sunny Florida.  We broke records once again this year.  Stay warm, or cool – where ever you might live!


43 thoughts on “Florida COLD

  1. Sugar and Spice…(and everything nice). Sorry about the cold, but that phrase was stuck in my head…I’m sure you’ve heard it before. I’m so easily distracted. It’s cold here in PA., but we are surely more used to it in January. Be warm. ☺


  2. Brrrrr, sounds like you have our British winter in Florida, Colleen. Over here the daffodils have already come out, which is way too early. It’s because our Autumn was so mild and, so far, our Winter seems to be going the same way. We are being hit with 100mph winds and rain that lashes down relentlessly, all cause by the strong Jet Stream which is very active over the atlantic where the cold air over with you meets the mild air coming up form the south.

    I noticed in your pictures that Ron controls the TV remote control. 🙂

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      1. That is something I need to get into – recording programmes we can watch later. Too often there is nothing on TV we want to watch and we have nothing to watch, other than maybe trying to watch something on the BBC iPlayer, which seems to not always want to work when we want it to. You’ve prompted me to get recording. 🙂 and with the ability to be able to set up recording on my new iPhone 6, I have no excuses now.

        Keep warm, Colleen.

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    1. It’s just freaking cold and our dogs sure know how to stay warm. They want to eat all the time too. Elle is smart too. This morning they are on the couch on a blanket. We want warm temperatures back!


  3. I love Sugar and Spice, and the Pomeranian history lesson. I love that stuff. North Carolinians are just a smidge more used to the cold than Floridians. We’re all being babies about it, and I’m the biggest baby of all! Our low the other night was 11 degrees w/ a windchill factor of 7 below. Brrr! Stay warm friend!

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  4. I refuse to go out when the temperature is low (under 5 degrees) and lie on Granny’s lap the whole evening or in the window sill above the heater. Sugar and Spice look adorable as always. Send Extra Warm Pawkisses to you all to keep you warm 🙂 ❤

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