In the Shadows

I love the way images look in shadows.  The depth of the shadow sets the mood for the shot and can convey many feelings with the placement of light.  I enjoy sharing my photos of Pensacola, Florida – the world where I live.

2014-12-18 10.30.20

I love the deep shading on the trunks of the pines in this image.  It lends an air of mystery to an otherwise normal scene.

2014-12-18 10.21.06

The shadows in this photo of fairy swamp extend forward, as if the shadows were extensions of the trees themselves.  The haze in the air that day added to the drama of the lighting in the swamp.

The Slough

The shadows are deep and long at the swamp in summer.  Long fingers of sunlight invade the quiet sanctuary.  The light actually helps to lend an air of mystery to this photo.  You just know at any time something is going to crawl out of that green ooze floating on top of the murky water.

2014-10-15 07.02.46

The backlit grasses and shadows in this misty morning view make this scene of my horse-hole dramatic.

Thanks for dropping by today.  I hope you enjoyed the “shadows,” suggested by The Daily Post weekly photo challenge.  Until I see you again,



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