One Word Photo Challenge–Beige

Jennifer Nichole Wells Challenge color for this week is beige, one of my favorite colors to work with as a base color to add other colors to.  Find the rules to her challenge here.



2014-12-18 10.36.54

Muted shades of beige are found all over Fairy Swamp in the winter.

2014-10-09 11.06.34

The wild sea grasses on the beach are beige too.

Interestingly, the word beige, come from the French word, “bege” the color of undyed wool or cotton.


This heart doily is made with undyed cotton thread in a beige, or ecru color.

Many thanks to Jennifer for hosting her One Word Photo Challenge each week!  It is always a challenge to find the color and photograph something to represent it. Join us!

Thanks for visiting me today.  I can’t wait to see you all again!

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  1. What a beautiful post 😉 Thank you for the etymology of ‘beige’. I’d forgotten that if I’d ever heard it before. The doily is exquisite. Did you or a loved one crochet it? Lovely photos all around today, Thank you 😉


      1. Same here. I crochet every evening, though not such fine and intricate work. I worked in cotton ecru thread in my younger days, but only tried one project recently. It is a meditation in itself to do this work, keeping us mindful, focused, and at peace. Best wishes, WG


          1. Exactly. I crochet to have something to do with my hands and to keep my mind occupied while my husband watches TV. And, I love seeing the beautiful colors and patterns unfold beneath my fingers. Best wishes, WG

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  2. Great post. And you’ve reminded me I was determined to retake my crocheting. Must get on with it. Beige is a very flexible colour and it combines well with everything although I hadn’t paid that much attention to it in nature. Thanks Colleen!

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