Into the Depths


2014-10-09 10.42.10

2014-10-09 10.43.42

2014-11-11 10.31.36

Welcome to Pensacola Beach, Florida where the white sand seems to stretch on into infinity.  The turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico beckon to you, inviting you in for a quick swim.  The beach and the ocean are alluring, while the rhythm of the waves gently lapping the shore mesmerize and entice you.  In the ocean depths you find your sweet release.  This was a brief respite from the depths of winter.

Many thanks to the Daily Post for their weekly photo challenge.

Thanks for visiting me today.  I look forward to seeing you all again!

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30 thoughts on “Into the Depths

  1. This reminds me so much of my local beach…LOL!
    Seriously, your beach is fab. Our beach is fab too, but in a wild, and rugged,Yorkshire grimness [is that even a word?]kind of way. We’re tough over here. It’s best that way!

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  2. I always enjoy it when you post such warm and happy photos, Colleen. The colour of the ocean in your first photo is beautiful and the sand looks so inviting to sit on as you feel the warmth of the sun on your face. I bet it’s a very refreshing place to be.

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      1. I’d join you on the beech in the Fall, Colleen. Beaches in the summer are a no go area for me as well, because of the possibility of sunburn, and I’m not a huge lover of big crowds either. Our beaches in Brighton and Hove are packed in the summer months. Fortunately, I can go during the week when it is less busy and weather permittting.

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