Jennifer Nichole Wells Photo Challenge color for this week is sea-foam.  Below, you will see a picture of the sea-foam waters found off the Pensacola Beach Pier.

Local fisherman had hooked a shark while fishing from the top of the pier.  I managed to catch a quick photo before they cut him loose.


The pier is a favorite fishing spot in Pensacola, Florida.


Thanks for popping in for a quick visit.  I enjoy seeing all of you,

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          1. No, I work in outside plant, so I have my crew working through this. Our school has too much snow on the roof, and they’ve called of school until after February vacation.


  1. Piers are so romantic. They can be a scene for a lover’s tryst, for a harrowing moment in a murder mystery, a restful spot at the end of a day, a beautiful place to welcome the sunrise (or sunset), or just for enjoying the sport of fishing. I’ve never met a pier I didn’t fall in love with.

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    1. So true E.C. These little sand sharks were more after the fish the fishermen were catching that day. However, they are other scary things in the ocean to worry about. Jellyfish tend to be a huge hazard in the Gulf. ❤


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