Necessary backups… Chris tells us how!


  1. Thank you so much for this!!! I have been thinking about this a lot lately and wasn’t aware of the export feature. I was set to do it post by post by post…. I did it just now, and it was simple 😉 YOU are the BEST!

      1. I will do that, too 😉 Beautiful story- I’m enjoying your Swamp Fairy so much. Which mineral did you use for your heart stone illustration? I collect heart shaped minerals, as well as found heart stones on beaches. That one is especially lovely. Hope you’re keeping warm 😉 Elizabeth

          1. Thank you so much! I enlarged the photo in the link you sent. It does look like lichens growing on the rock. Just lovely! I often leave rocks of various sorts in pots with plants. I think it helps the plant grow; especially the heart shaped stones 😉 I love your swamp fairy stories- I hope you are gathering them all to publish in a volume. WG

            1. I loved the moss and lichen on the heart stone too. I hope you take pictures of some of your plants and rocks and share them. I would love to see them. I am so glad you are enjoying these stories. Yes, I am writing and compiling the stories into a book. Thank you so much for your sweet comments. You made my day! <3

              1. 😉 I’ll be able to take photos of the outside pots again soon, and will work some of the heart stones into photos for you in the next few days. I’m so glad you are working on a book, and know it will be treasured by many.

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