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I Choose Compassion

One of the highest teachings of the Buddha is that of compassion.

Compassion Quote

What exactly is compassion?  John Makransky, PhD in his book entitled, “Compassion in Buddhist Psychology,” says compassion is a companion to empathy.  We as humans sense others pain, and we look for ways to alleviate this pain.  When we look at the world filled with compassion we are able to understand the causes of suffering and naturally we wish to create an atmosphere of healing.

#Rohingya_name @DalaiLama please tell the misguided people who refers to themselves as Bhuddist to spare a few Rohingya Muslim lives in Burma

(Image Credit: Spiritual Love)

That is what the movement called, 1000 Voices for Compassion is all about.  Join in and spread compassion throughout the world today.

1000 Speak

How will you show your compassion for all of humanity?

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Colleen M. Chesebro is an American Novelist & Poet who loves writing paranormal fantasy and magical realism, cross-genre fiction, syllabic poetry, and creative nonfiction. She loves all things magical which may mean that she could be experiencing her second childhood—or not. That part of her life hasn’t been fully decided yet. A few years ago, a mystical experience led her to renew her passion for writing and storytelling. These days she resides in the fantasy realm of the Faery Writer where she writes the magical poetry and stories that the fairy nymphs whisper to her in her dreams. Colleen won the “Little and Laugh” Flash Fiction Contest sponsored by the Carrot Ranch Literary Community on November 2017, and in 2018, she won first place for the “Twisted Travel” category. Colleen lives in Arizona with her husband. When she is not writing, Colleen enjoys spending time with her husband. She also loves gardening, reading, and crocheting old-fashioned doilies into works of art. Learn more about Colleen on colleenchesebro.com.
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  1. Great post Colleen. I think the world needs more compassion. Maybe if we, as individuals and as a society had more compassion, there would be fewer problems.

  2. Colleen, I just got wind of this “day of compassion” (not sure what it’s called” and also read a post that has a couple of great TED Talks about compassion, plus it’s just a great blog anyway. Thought you might enjoy:


  3. What a lovely quote. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Colleen. Great quote and great feeling. I’m translating to English a book about a retreat in a Buddhist monastery. It’s a subject I’ve become very interested in recently. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. I recently saw the documentary “10 questions for the Dalai Lama”” and learned so much…so happy to see this post 🙂

  6. Nice quote – thank you for it – I managed to get a post together for this cause – I feel quite passionate about the lack of true compassion in the word – little pockets of it shine out.

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  8. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens

    I’m so glad you decided to share your ideas about compassion with the #1000Speak movement today. I love the concept of the “human family” and only hope that one day we can extend that concept to include all living beings and even the planet!

    • I do too. Most importantly, right now we are serving mankind by talking about compassion and bringing it to the forefront of our thoughts. We have wiped out 1000 words of negativity on the planet today in favor of compassion! <3

  9. Loved it my dear friend. Love the message, the moment, and the movement. Thank you for your beauty and talent. ❤️

  10. You might enjoy my other site, Colleen. You are inspiring me to update it. https://shunyatadharma.wordpress.com/

  11. A beautiful post, Colleen. You may enjoy the book I’m reading at the moment, Supercharged Taoist, by Stephen Russell. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/supercharged-taoist-stephen-russell/1111739562?ean=9781401927646
    There is an interesting ongoing conversation about the nature of compassion, and its expression, throughout this memoir. The truest expression of compassion is when one can look at all living creatures as parts of oneself- emanations of the One. I hope all is well with you, Elizabeth

  12. Be eating less and enjoying it more? I had 3 Buddha’s on my desk. Now I only have two. Someone took a Buddha from me, so I was being compassionate without my knowledge :O)

    Thank you for the inspiration. Now I think I’ll go write something ridiculous to balance it out… LOL!

  13. Great quote by the Dalai Lama..Thank you for sharing Colleen!

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