#Be WoW–On Being Positive


Are all of these cold, dark winter days getting you down? Join my friend Ron, of Ronovan Writes in his new challenge Be Wonderful Wednesdays where we share the wonder of the world!

2015-02-25 09.17.50

This was the sight that greeted me this morning in my creative room.  These three plants were almost dead a few months back.  I repotted them and placed them on the filing cabinet in front of the window to make the most of the sunlight that streams into this wonderful space.

Currently, it is raining hard!  I can hear the pounding rains.  Thunder booms and lightening slices across the sky outside my window.  This is great news because it means that spring is headed our way.  Soon there will be an end to the dark days of winter.

That is the power of positive thinking…

Positive Thinking

Look for the good things in your life.  What makes you happy today?

Silver Threading

37 thoughts on “#Be WoW–On Being Positive”

  1. Isn’t that top plant a Christmas Cactus? If it is, then you’ve got my favourite planet on top of your filling cabinet. :0

    We had two of these planets for many, many years, although they had white flowers and always flowered in November and again in May. Not sure why we call them Christmas cactus, but I’m guessing somewhere they do flower at that time of the year.

    1. Yes Hugh it is a pink Christmas Cactus. I had a lovely fushia one for years. It always bloomed twice a year like yours. I love them too. The other two are African Violets. 🌸💖🌸

      1. I thought so. They are wonderful plants and do last for years. We even neglected ours, but on and on they went. They were in the utility room in our home in London before we moved to Brighton and Hove, so must have liked it in there. Unfortunately they never survived the move.

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  3. It’s not been a very good day. But, thank you for the reminder that there i always something for us to show gratitude for. And, I have so many reason to express gratitude for my wonderful life.

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